Sunday, February 25, 2024

All the World Is Birthday Cake, or: Born Eighty-One Years Ago Today

The best Beatles song is a George song:

The best Traveling Wilburys song is a George song:

My second most listened-to album of my life is a George album:

My favorite song ever is a George song:

I've always I loved George most, people can vouch:

Wednesday, February 21, 2024

for some the extermination of the cancer is inseparable from the decreation of the city others associate the decreation with an unstoppable flow of leakage while others associate the decreation with falling rates of profit and the barely perceptible appearance of the human body

C and L and me went to Hell in Michigan this past weekend

Wiki's Four Theories on Hell's name:

There are a number of theories for the origin of Hell's name. The first is that a pair of German travelers stepped out of a stagecoach one sunny afternoon in the 1830s, and one said to the other, "So schön hell!" (translated as, "So beautifully bright!") Their comments were overheard by some locals and the name stuck.[7] The second theory is tied to the "hell-like" conditions encountered by early explorers including mosquitos, thick forest cover, and extensive wetlands.[7] The third is that George’s habit of paying the local farmers for their grain with home distilled whiskey led many wives to comment “He’s gone to Hell again” when questioned about their husband’s whereabouts during harvest time.[9] A fourth is that soon after Michigan gained statehood, George Reeves was asked what he thought the town he helped settle should be called and replied "I don't care. You can name it Hell for all I care." The name became official on October 13, 1841.

I didn't intentionally avoid the internet and documenting each day's clusterfuck news here or in tablet while in Michigan and didn't notice I hadn't written in tablet for four days until we were home. No subsequent epiphany graced me: I've been less here and more elsewhere of late anyway, spending more time on canvases than in tablets. The above says what I want to say better than my typing it could at this point in time though I type it here and in grid below anyway.

My daughter teaches high school on the edge of Blue Michigan so she gets kids from blue and red homes, she tells me the majority of the kids that confide in her, both kids from blue homes and kids from red homes, have no intention of voting this year if they will be eighteen in November and no intention of voting ever. Many have no plans for college or trade school or self-teaching themselves coding or some other marketable skill and they expect to work grunt jobs until forced into retirement when they will take late evening shifts at minimum wage at the local Krogers to survive their safety-net-less lives in the 2060s, not that they think they will ever see the 2060s: most think they will be destroyed from within by their coping habits if not killed first in our shitlords' wars of self-interest long before then, and neither C or me think they're wrong. (And it's not just high school kids in Michigan - I hire and supervise college undergraduates, many of them as aspirationally blah as my daughter's students.) (And it's not just the kids - the majority of teachers in my daughter's age-frame adamantly say to almost a man and woman they will never have children - it will be 2088 when a child born today is my age, what freaking world if the world still here?) 

Walter Becker born seventy-four years ago yesterday. I love Steely Dan, unfollow if you must

US vetoes ceasefire of US's genocidal war
Just received my first hate comment in years, presumably a zionist asking why I don't care about ongoing genocides in other places like I care about the Zionist genocide of Palestinians, o! he/she/they knows, I'm an anti-semitic piece of shit and he/she/they hopes I go blind, so probably an occasional reader if not a regular unless the person wishes blindness on everyone he/she/they hates
After Gaza Cease-Fire Veto, Biden to Attend Fundraiser at Home of Pro-Israel Billionaire
These optics and words chosen on purpose, think about why
U.S. expected to defend Israel at top U.N. court after cease-fire veto
Today's everyday Democrats are motherfuckers
How copaganda worksShitbigot angry people call him a shitbigot
Free speech is posting on your own private space *BLCKDGRD is an anti-semitic piece of shit that I hope goes blind,* free speech was not violated when I deleted the comment unpublished
No, I haven't forgot about christercrackers and crackerchristers
"The trans people you know are the ones who made it, and I think the world, as it exists now, is set up to ensure that we don't make it. Nex's teachers didn't even call an ambulance. There is a screening process in place to make sure kids like Nex never grow up. The survivors are just the exceptions"
Today's everyday Democrats are motherfuckers
"It's grimly amusing how liberals who've spent the past 2 years cheering for the Azov battalion, the past 3 months supporting the IOF, the past few weeks calling for harsher border policy, and are now sobbing over Navalny think they have the moral authority to lecture us on Nazis"
Free Palestine. Stop Cop City
Maggie's weeklyBreathing space
Everything Everywhere All at Once All of the Time
Wake up and listen to the music{ feuilleton }'s
People Who Can’t Picture Sound in Their Minds
Any major dude will tell you *Pretzel Logic* was released 50 years ago yesterday

POEM #1022

Daniel Borzutzky

There is not much excess
and what there is is barely perceptible
the blank ones disappear from our vision
no one notices until
there is a dramatic decrease in surplus value

the war is born
and the blank ones disappear again
but really their disappearance is subjective
some see no one
while others see everyone

for some the extermination of the cancer is
inseparable from the decreation of the city
others associate the decreation
with an unstoppable flow of leakage
while others associate the decreation
with falling rates of profit
and the barely perceptible
appearance of the human body

out of the dead refugee sprouts
a breathing poem

out of the dead soldier sprouts
a breathing poem

out of the dead city sprouts
a breathing poem

but when the city disappears
so do the poems

and when the poems disappear
the dead are assassinated

picture a heart covered in dust
and picture a poem sprouting out of it

picture a heart covered in dust
and picture a child chasing it

picture a bullet that kills a child
and picture the soldier who tosses the child into the sea

the soldier kisses the earth and says
it’s not my fault the people are being born and dying

the pastor calls out the names of the children to the congregants

to each name they respond

Tuesday, February 13, 2024

There Are Starving Children Left on Your Plate

My apologies, let me move Momcat from top-billing with today's awoogayodel (trademark), my not posting since wasn't bleggal mourning but my deliberate attempt to not awoogayodel daily as effective but repetitive reaction to shitlord organs' incessantly reprogramming me to lockstep accept my (and yours) rapidly approaching immiseration and eventual slaughter

Yesterday my senator from Maryland, Chris Van Hollen, called the IDF war criminals for starving Gazans, I was surprised and stunned, Chris Van Hollen? I tweeted:
This was my first reaction (Van Hollen is my senator, Maryland). my second reaction that there had to be a cynical motherfucking professional Democrat decision to pick him to speak now so it's borderline evil at best, my third reaction, the fuck is @RepRaskin, moral coward?
Second reaction the correct reaction of course and should have been the first, the fuck wrong with me. Early this morning he voted to give Israel more money for Israel's western shitlord sanctioned genocide. Joe Biden's having aides tell reporters that Joe is really really mad and calling Netanyahu an asshole in a pathetic effort to gaslight his genocidal glee while demanding his party give said asshole more money to buy US bombs, Bidenomics!

I've been yodeling since October 8 that a major goal of the US proxy genocide in Gaza is to gear-up prepping the American public for the horrors of the coming global wars over resource scarcities and accepting as patriotic the sociopathic death-drive shitlords have to either unilaterally control the world or destroy the world if they can't. This is from eight years ago

Meanwhile, professional motherfucking Democrats and their shitlib zombies can't decide which narrative to adopt as primary, that the special counsel (designated by Biden's own AG) lied about Biden's senility versus Sure Biden is diminished and demented, but Trump. Why doesn't Trump's increasing dementia (Biden will rename Pennsylvania if reelected, for example) get the same 24-7 obsessive play as Biden's, a shitlib former professor of mine demanded of me, when I said because even if Trump is as feeble or feebler than Biden Trump is not currently sending weapons to Israel to ethnic cleanse Palestine, steal the West Bank, and kill all child-bearing age Palestinian women and already born Palestinian children to eliminate the next generation of Palestinians while simultaneously tempting a broad Mideast war that would almost certainly lead to a world war, that's why, this probably the last time my former professor ever asks me anything again

Meanwhile, in my complicity, we're driving to Michigan Thursday to visit our daughter (so this post might sit atop for a while), HEY! did you know Wayne Kramer made an album (MUBUC5, get it?) with Pere Ubu in 1998? It's true, you can hear it here, no youtubes to post from that album but here, have this instead

What and how helmetball serves: The Super Bowl Massacre
The Crisis at The New York Times
"It has been evident to many of us since the genocide in Gaza began Oct. 7 that Israel risked asking too much of those inclined to take its side. The Zionist state would ask what many people cannot give: It would ask them to surrender their consciences, their idea of moral order, altogether their native decency as it murders, starves and disperses a population of 2.3 million while making their land uninhabitable. The Israelis took this risk and they have lost. We are now able to watch videos of Israeli soldiers celebrating as they murder Palestinian mothers and children, as they dance and sing while detonating entire neighborhoods, as they mock Palestinians in a carnival of racist depravity one would have thought beyond what is worst in humanity—and certainly beyond what any Jew would do to another human being. The Israeli newspaper Haaretz reports, as American media do not, that the Israel Defense Forces covertly sponsor a social media channel disseminating this degenerate material in the cause of maintaining maximum hatred"
Excellent article on Finkelstein and vital reminder to not make heroes, make allies
Biden administration signals it is open to Rafah offensive as it looks to press Netanyahu on hostage deal
"In The War Of Propaganda, It Is Very Difficult To Defeat The United States”
As do motherfucking professional Democrats
A longform reflection on the interplay between obedience & disobedience in the modern corporate university
Hell’s Endless Trails from the USA
Something's gotta giveAfter this after this after this
Bluesky CEO Jay Graber Says She Won’t ‘Enshittify the Network With Ads’
Ten years into his college teaching career, students stopped being able to read effectively
Why Animals Talk: The New Science of Animal Communication
"Do animals have language?’ is a bad question. They talk, concludes Kershenbaum, but not in the way we do. We are pathologically linguistic. We chop the world up into propositions and, if we’re not careful, examine those rather than the world itself. The behaviourist Temple Grandin speculates that non-human animals might rely on mental images rather than something tantamount to language to conceptualise ideas (as people like her, with autism spectrum disorder, do). We can’t know, but Kershenbaum is sympathetic to the notion.
Maggie's weeklyKilling the planet
This christercracker shitminister looks like my brother Elric
Wayne Kramer’s Rage Against the Prison Machine
{ feuilleton }'sSOCIALIST VEGANISM
An excellent collection of songs for Damo Suzuki


Ben Lerner

There are starving children left on your plate.
There are injuries without brains.
Migrant workers spend 23 hours a day
removing tiny seeds from mixtures
they cannot afford to smoke
and cannot afford not to smoke.
Entire nations are ignorant of the basic facts
of hair removal and therefore resent
our efforts to depilate unsightly problem areas.
Imprisonment increases life expectancy.
Finish your children. Adopt an injury.
           ‘I'm going to my car. When I get back,
           I'm shooting everybody.'
                                [line omitted in memory of_______]

70% of pound animals will be euthanized.
94% of pound animals would be euthanized
if given the choice. The mind may be trained
to relieve itself on paper. A pill
for your safety, a pill for her pleasure.
Neighbors are bothered by loud laughter
but not by loud weeping.
Massively multiplayer zombie-infection web-games
are all the rage among lifers.
The world is a rare case of selective asymmetry.
The capitol is redolent of burnt monk.
           ‘I'm going to my car. When I get back
           I'm shooting everybody.'
                                 [line omitted in memory of _______]

There are two kinds of people in the world:
those that condemn parking lots as monstrosities,
‘the ruines of a broken World,' and those
that respond to their majesty emotionally.
70% of the planet is covered in parking lots.
94% of a man's body is parking lot.
Particles of parking lot have been discovered
in the permanent shadows of the moon.
There is terror in sublimity.
If Americans experience sublimity
the terrorists have won.
          ‘I'm going to my car. When I get back
          I'm shooting everybody.'
                                [line omitted in memory of _______]

Friday, February 9, 2024

Rest in Peace, Momcat

Momcat just hit by a car and killed. I picked her up off the street and wrapped her in a towel and put her in a Chewy's box and put the box on the backporch, the screendoor closed to keep coyotes and foxes and dogs from eating her. The ground too frozen to dig to safe depth, I'll take her to the vets for cremation tomorrow

Some man walking his dogs yelled hello, crouching over a painting I thought it was my stomach growling with gas and then the neighbor banged and banged and banged on the door, said a black cat, I knew it was Momcat, I knew it wasn't Frankie 

I tried to say to L (last night before I typed this) and C (this morning) and succeeded more than failed how my processing always starts with gratitude I know how and when my feral cats died and they never just disappear and are never seen again so I never have to imagine day after day (and I would imagine day after day year after year) what horrible death they suffered and just process the hard death they had

I'd promise myself I'll never have ferals again as if I have a say and as if I'm not delighted to be adopted by them, dogs and cats have found us for forty years, more will again and good

Thursday, February 8, 2024

Each Night He Must Be Carried Through Artificial Tunnels and Dream Recurrent Dreams

Back on fountain pen ink on canvas, see below, back on pencil in tablets (and canvases, though not the one below). Back on valkyrie for more than just rollers, yesterday, two steepest downhill holes at Woodsboro clanked drive off baskets, closest aces yet. I'm not back on Facebook though I've received multiple emails telling me they've received my request to reset my passwork, I had an account for four days back in Facebook's earliest days twenty years ago, all it took for me to say no, I thought I'd deleted the account, someone wants in, is not me. I consolidated all blooger sub-projects into one archive last week so I can find things I need to and so I can quick delete everything when I finally want to, 21 posts tagged since the consolidation by blooger with content warnings readers need click through to view, the fuck? 

Never off the hexjeffs. Never off the sideways though definitely sidewaysier day by day. Death by gerontocracy is by design. There IS no next generation planned. Reminder: when my daughter is my age it will be 2057, the earth will still exist but will the world? Reminder: if you got no Mojo Nixon than your store could use some fixin', and a reminder that this is ever true:

Democrats Are Demented Genocidal War Sluts
Gaza Method: The West’s evolving blueprint for controlling a poly-crisis world by mass-murdering and subjugating the poor, the rebellious, and those deemed “superfluous"
The Resistible Rise of The New Normal Reich
"The U.S. seemingly aims to find a way to hurt Iranian and Resistance forces just enough to show that Biden is ‘very angry’, yet without perhaps doing real damage – i.e. it is a form of ‘militarised psychotherapy’, rather than hard politics."
Shhh! Bodies of Palestinian detainees who were handcuffed, blindfolded discovered in plastic bags near northern Gaza school
Debunking the myths of Israel/Palestine
In The Middle East The U.S. Has Reached The End Of Its Abilities
The Liberal Justices Should Be Talking More Shit
The Real Reason Your Grocery Bill Is Still So High
Enshittification is coming for absolutely everything
New Study Links Optimism To Lower Cognitive Abilities
Maggie's weeklyUnlearning machines
Metaphors make the world
Cats and human supremacy
{ feuilleton }'sSeeing animal eyes
Elizabeth Bishop born 113 years ago today
Rest in Peace, Mojo NixonRest in Peace, Stevie


Elizabeth Bishop

Man-Moth: Newspaper misprint for “mammoth.”

Here, above,
cracks in the buildings are filled with battered moonlight.
The whole shadow of Man is only as big as his hat.
It lies at his feet like a circle for a doll to stand on,
and he makes an inverted pin, the point magnetized to the moon.
He does not see the moon; he observes only her vast properties,
feeling the queer light on his hands, neither warm nor cold,
of a temperature impossible to record in thermometers.

                     But when the Man-Moth
pays his rare, although occasional, visits to the surface,
the moon looks rather different to him. He emerges
from an opening under the edge of one of the sidewalks
and nervously begins to scale the faces of the buildings.
He thinks the moon is a small hole at the top of the sky,
proving the sky quite useless for protection.
He trembles, but must investigate as high as he can climb.

                     Up the façades,
his shadow dragging like a photographer’s cloth behind him
he climbs fearfully, thinking that this time he will manage
to push his small head through that round clean opening
and be forced through, as from a tube, in black scrolls on the light.
(Man, standing below him, has no such illusions.)
But what the Man-Moth fears most he must do, although
he fails, of course, and falls back scared but quite unhurt.

                     Then he returns
to the pale subways of cement he calls his home. He flits,
he flutters, and cannot get aboard the silent trains
fast enough to suit him. The doors close swiftly.
The Man-Moth always seats himself facing the wrong way
and the train starts at once at its full, terrible speed,
without a shift in gears or a gradation of any sort.
He cannot tell the rate at which he travels backwards.

                     Each night he must
be carried through artificial tunnels and dream recurrent dreams.
Just as the ties recur beneath his train, these underlie
his rushing brain. He does not dare look out the window,
for the third rail, the unbroken draught of poison,
runs there beside him. He regards it as a disease
he has inherited the susceptibility to. He has to keep
his hands in his pockets, as others must wear mufflers.

                     If you catch him,
hold up a flashlight to his eye. It’s all dark pupil,
an entire night itself, whose haired horizon tightens
as he stares back, and closes up the eye. Then from the lids
one tear, his only possession, like the bee’s sting, slips.
Slyly he palms it, and if you’re not paying attention
he’ll swallow it. However, if you watch, he’ll hand it over,
cool as from underground springs and pure enough to drink.