Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Bleggalgaze: Tear Tear Wound Wound Read Read

I have a batch of links lined up for you and a couple of paragraphs written about Donna Edwards v Chris Von Clinton re: motherfucking Democrats and their motherfucking supporters v motherfucking Republicans and their motherfucking supporters, I'll get you the links tomorrow, fuck that motherfuckers v motherfuckers shit (for today, at least). I catch myself comparing the quality and quantity of hate I have for each and hate myself the most. I need say adopting Olive is the smartest thing I've done in months, years. I do want to say that yesterday, checking out - forgive me - Hot Stove news on espn dot com, I saw a headline, Gronk's knee, no tears, so this Tuxedomoon song has been in my head ever since (so fine metaphors abound), be in yours.

Monday, November 30, 2015

Will Not Wash

I needed more yellow watercolor - I use yellow more than any other color since besides yellow I need orange too - but rather than spend $20 on a tube of good quality I bought a cheap spectrum for $10. Fuckers will not wash, actually block the water permeating the paper. Does play nice in palette chambers.

In a piece titled Challenging the Oligarchy Krugman reviews Reich's new book Saving Capitalism. Fuckers will not wash, actually block the water permeating the paper. Does play nice in echo chambers.

From Galeano's Mirrors:

England, Holland, France, and other countries owe him a statue. 
A goodly part of the power of the powerful comes from the gold and silver he stole, from the cities he burned, from the galleons he pillaged, and from the slaves he rounded up. 
Some fine sculptor ought to carve an effigy of the armed functionary of nascent capitalism: knife between the teeth, patch on one eye, peg leg, hood for a hand, parrot on shoulder.

If you want a copy let me know, I'll buy you one. Also too: vulture capitalism. Also too: Rocket from the Tombs interview. Reminder: week from tonight, Rock n Roll Hotel, H St. I'll buy your ticket.

Friday, November 27, 2015

[Another gunman]

Another gunman.
Perhaps if the pregnant sluts
casually killing

unwanted children
carried, could shoot this blessed
hero for unborn...

Make It From a Catsup Bottle, a Flashlight Coil, a Penny, the Cat's Bell

A friend tweeted out news I missed from this past August re: previously unreleased Coil now available:

So, after a criminally long time, we have “Backwards”, described as the missing link between 1990’s “Love’s Secret Domain” and the “Musick to Play in the Dark”-series. Among the tracks which are to be released on CD and Vinyl on october 9th via Cold Spring Records are the original versions of “A Cold Cell” and “Fire of the Mind”. The span of relative inactivity, studio album wise, and soundtrack experimentation between 1990 and 1998 (a silence gloriously interrupted by ELpH and Black Light District releases) wasn’t empty – but the result of that time’s studio work didn’t see the light of this sorry little planet until now when Cold Spring Records dropped three excerpts off the upcoming release, coming in CD and double vinyl format, scheduled for 9th october, which can be heard on the label’s soundcloud page.

So, as promised last night on twuuter, a cascade, six in orange.


D Nurkse

Death is coming
and you must build a starship
to take you to Venus.

Make it from a catsup bottle,
a flashlight coil,
a penny, the cat’s bell,
Mom’s charm bracelet.

They say that planet is torment,
whipped by circular wind,
choked in vitriol clouds.

But no. When you get there
it is a light in the sky
and I am with you.

If you find nothing else,
borrow the pleated wing
of a winter moth,
lighter than dust.