Sunday, February 26, 2017

Learning Braille

This is correct:
I’m going to have a lot more to say about the Democratic party, neoliberals, Obama and Clinton later, for now I simply note that the most important thing, for those who control the liberal party, is retaining control over the liberal party.
I note also that they genuinely believe in neoliberalism. They genuinely don’t want a $15/minimum wage and will only grudgingly give on something as basic (and really, minor to them) as that.
They want Americans poor. They want the poor to stay poor. They want the middle class to decline.
I mean this exactly as I say it: the policies they prefer make the middle class poor, and make the poor poorer and have for 40 years.
This is who they are. This is what they want.
They are the enemy of all people who prioritize any form of kindness to other human beings.  Whether they are better than Trump is irrelevant, they’re just another group of enemies.

New New Pornographers. Neko Case's voice, lordy.

Before this gets turned into another thing where the establishment Democrats posture as the reasonable adults victimized by the assaults of those left-wing baddies, let’s just be very clear about what happened here. It was the establishment wing that decided to recruit and then stand up a candidate in order to fight an internal battle against the left faction of the party. It was the establishment wing that then dumped massive piles of opposition research on one of their own party members. And it was the establishment wing that did all of this in the shadow of Trump, sowing disunity in order to contest a position whose leadership they insist does not really matter.

The establishment wing has made it very clear that they will do anything and everything to hold down the left faction, even as they rather hilariously ask the left faction to look above their differences and unify in these trying times. They do not have any intent of ceding anything — even small things they claim are mostly irrelevant — to the left wing.

Of course, that’s their prerogative and there is nothing underhanded about trying to beat your ideological opponents in a fair election. But if they do not care about the left, the left should not care about them.
Alt-right tree in Meadowside, MOCO, we didn't have a lot of time yesterday, were near, haven't been there since an Epod in the late seventies. Ask Elric, he was there.


Jean Valentine

People pray to each other. The way I say "you" to someone else,
respectfully, intimately, desperately. The way someone says
"you" to me, hopefully, expectantly, intensely ...
—Huub Oosterhuis
You       who I don’t know       I don’t know how to talk to you   

—What is it like for you there?

Here ... well, wanting solitude; and talk; friendship—
The uses of solitude. To imagine; to hear.
Learning braille. To imagine other solitudes.
But they will not be mine;
to wait, in the quiet; not to scatter the voices—

What are you afraid of?

What will happen. All this leaving. And meetings, yes. But death.   
What happens when you die?

“... not scatter the voices,”

Drown out. Not make a house, out of my own words. To be quiet in   
another throat; other eyes; listen for what it is like there. What   
word. What silence. Allowing. Uncertain: to drift, in the
restlessness ... Repose. To run like water—

What is it like there, right now?

Listen: the crowding of the street; the room. Everyone hunches in   
against the crowding; holding their breath: against dread.

What do you dread?

What happens when you die?

What do you dread, in this room, now?

Not listening. Now. Not watching. Safe inside my own skin.
To die, not having listened. Not having asked ... To have scattered   

Yes I know: the thread you have to keep finding, over again, to   
follow it back to life; I know. Impossible, sometimes.

Saturday, February 25, 2017

Born Seventy-Four Years Ago Today

High Egoslavian Holy Day. I always loved George most.

Lots more HERE.

All Things Must Pass is the 2nd most listened to album of my life.

Reminder: the only essential Traveling Wilbury's song was a George song:

Friday, February 24, 2017

Seethe and Moan and Laugh Out Loud at My Own Jokes


Dean Young

To always be in motion there is no choice
even for the mountain and its frigid
cousins floating on the oceans that even sluggish
seethe and moan and laugh out loud at their own
jokes. How "like the human heart" can be said of
pert near everything, pint of fizz, punching
bag because all moves: the mouse, the house,
the pelt of moon corresponding to the seas
(see above) (now get back here) of mood,
sadness heaving kelp at the sunken city's
face, gladness somersaulting from the eaves
like a kid's drawing of a snowflake. No matter
how stalled I seem, some crank in me
tightens the whirly-spring each time I see
your face so thank you for aiming it
my way, all this flashing like polished
brass, lightning, powder, step on the gas,
whoosh we're halfway through our lives,
fishmarkets flying by, Connecticut,
glut then scarcity, hurried haircuts,
smell of pencils sharpened, striving,
falling short, surviving because we ducked
or somehow got some shut-eye even though
inside the hotel wall loud leaks. I love
to watch the youthful flush drub your cheeks
in your galloping dream. Maybe even
death will be replenishment. Who knows?
Who has the time, let's go, the unknown's
display of emeralds closes in an hour,
the fireworks' formula has changed, will we
ever see that tangerine blue again, factory
boarded up then turned into bowling lanes.

Thursday, February 23, 2017

My Sillyass Deserted Island Five Hate Game

Someone tweeted about Bono being a dick and U2's shit politics, and I thought, Christ, I hate U2's music. I've always Sillyass Five Gamed what I love but never, it occurred to me, an opposite list of hate. My Sillyass Deserted Island Five Hate Game?
  1. The Motherfucking Doors 
  2. The Motherfucking Doors 
  3. The Motherfucking Doors 
  4. The Motherfucking Doors
  5. The Police? The Rolling Stones? U2? The Eagles? Alice Soundgarden in Chains? Motherfucking Nirvana? Oh, Clapton, Eric Motherfucking Clapton (I give you my car keys, I vomit on your shoes, you clean me first and dump me in bed, oh my darling you were wonderful tonight)?
Was fun distraction from seething over who/what I hate most any goddamn minute these motherfucking clustertrumping days until I thought, all this time, the decades I've lovingly played My Sillyass Deserted Island Five Game I never thought to do a Music Hate Game until now.

Fuck me. Hate sucks. That's not fair: I suck at hate, hate makes me dumb but not mute. Be Kind, motherfuckers, and by motherfuckers I mean me.