Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Who Hasn't Been Tempted by the Sharp Edge of a Knife?

I yodeled Reagan was going to kill us, then George the First. I yodeled Clinton was going to save us, but he dynamited the pillars of the New Deal more than any Republican could. I yodeled George the Second would pillage as much of the plunder that Clinton opened as Bush could (and Bush did), and after 9/11 I yodeled Bush was going to kill us. I never thought Obama would save us, I yodeled...

Cassandra, Canary, Weathervane, Fool, remember this blog's subtitle from years ago? I yodel: the resource wars are on and can't be stopped - the US military doesn't have an army across the belt of Africa for humanitarian reasons, yo. We - the humans who still have half or more their lives to live - are fucked. There are too many humans, there is not enough stuff. We will kill each other over the limited stuff if we all aren't killed first by our killing the planet in resource wars for limited stuff. Pick your order. Species of assholes.

On freaking out today: I'm just saying we're a year out of the general election, Donald Trump is not going to Potus, and when Hillary reveals him as her running mate we'll all have a good laugh.

  • Penderecki turned 82 yesterday.
  • Which is to say, if it wasn't Trump it would be someone else. Ted Cruz is waiting to take Trump's place when Trump falls, someone else Cruz' place.
  • I have a friend who thinks the great angry Christian white conservative paroxysm will peak, disturbingly violent, disgustingly ugly, yes, unto its death throes, and then the peaceful world of sharing resources across religious, racial, ethnic, class, etc will emerge, and I say, Doom, silly.
  • I say, I am always angry. We are being conditioned for anger. We are recruits in the resource wars whether we choose or not, indoctrination ongoing every time I turn on this fucking computer and click the Chrome icon.
  • I say, there is a reason I yodel almost exclusively in calligraphy now.
  • (Five people were shot and wounded Monday night near a police precinct in Minneapolis where demonstrators have been protesting the fatal police shooting of an unarmed black man, the police said.... The police said on Twitter that they were looking for three white male suspects. There had been no arrests early Tuesday. Officials said investigators were still collecting evidence and seeking and interviewing witnesses... Some witnesses said on Twitter that they had been sprayed with Mace by the police following the shooting, including an organizer who was trying to film the aftermath, Ms. Noor said). 
  • Blooming.
  • Unspeakable.
  • Love to war, baby.
  • The sword is the axis of the world.
  • Learning to disintegrate.
  • Feeling yourself disintegrate. I still like early Lips.
  • Yodel for Jesus.
  • A study in perspective.
  • This week in water.
  • New book on Tony Hecht's poetry.


Chris Abani

Who hasn't been tempted by the sharp edge of a knife?
An ordinary knife cutting ordinary tomatoes on
an ordinary slab of wood on an ordinary Wednesday.
The knife nicks, like a bite to the soul. A reminder
that what is contemplated is as real as the blood
sprouting from a finger. As real as a bruised eye.
Instead turn back to the meat stewing on the stove.
Scrape pulpy red flesh into the heat and turn.
Say: even this is a prayer. Even this.