Saturday, September 23, 2017

Putting Earplugs in Acorns

Earthgirl and I hiked beloved Sugarloaf Thursday. There, like everywhere we've hiked the past two weeks, the acorniest either of us remember in recent years. Millions, they carpet the trails, the woods, in as many shapes, sizes, and colors as I've ever since the last until the next. Gems, gorgeous. Will break your ankles if you lose focus, boots spinning out. Mast for fattening deer and squirrel before a hard winter. Bodes boom for KABOOM foliage.

All I want to do is hike with Earthgirl, and I'm going to! today! soon!

UPDATE! Today's hike.

Nick Cave was sixty yesterday. If it's not love it's as close to love without being love I can get.


Dara Wier

Falling off a triangle.
Putting two fighting fish in one bowl.
Talking yourself into a headcold.
Falling off a rectangle.
Putting insects in ice cubes.
Talking yourself out of doorways.
Falling off a parallelogram.
Talking into a microphone.
Falling off a footstool.
Putting earplugs in acorns.
Looking into a teacup for trouble.
Talking yourself out of breathing.
Taking a nap on a drum set.
Eating a peach with an air filter.
Wearing a dress made of hand grenades.
Talking a mudslide back up a mountain.
Lighting a camp fire in a taxi stand.
Launching a boat on a horse trail.
Hiking in an elevator.
Falling into an envelope.
Discussing smuggling with customs officers.
Taking a cat to a dog show.
Falling in love with a toothache,
Questioning your thumbprint.
Looking for milk in a gas tank.
Kissing hydraulic acid.
Blindfolding a parking meter.
Falling over a water tower.
Reasoning with a baby.

Thursday, September 21, 2017

There's a Lullaby for Suffering and a Paradox to Blame, but It's Written in the Scriptures and It's Not Some Idle Claim, or: Born 83 Years Ago

  • I'm so small Cohen's motherfucking "Hallelujah," 
  • - my most viscerally hated song ever, nothing even close; his original, I fucking hate it, 
  • but it's the motherfucking covers (I love John Cale, fuck his *Hallelujah* cover, it sucks unto suck): 
  • and then when it's porn warble for sobby jerkoffs at the end of shitty movies and TV episodes: 
  • fuck I hate that song - 
  • kept me from Holy Daying his birthday? 
  • or I'm just delighted there's a birthday today here in Egoslavia?
  • D2E/O. 
  • Many more songs from his Death Post last November. Sorry, some youtubes be void.
  • Is strange, reaching that age when more people seem to be dying more every fucking day but it's just your odomotor and worn out shocks.
  • His late stuff, holy the fuck.

Also too:

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

I Have No Master But Always Wonder, What Is Making My Master Sad?


Matthew Zapruder

Erstwhile means long time gone.
A harbinger is sent before to help,
and also a sign of things
to come. Like this blue
stapler I bought at Staples.
Did you know in ancient Rome
priests called augurs studied
the future by carefully watching
whether birds were flying
together or alone, making what
honking or beeping noises
in what directions? It was called
the auspices. The air
was thus a huge announcement.
Today it’s completely
transparent, a vase. Inside it
flowers flower. Thus
a little death scent. I have
no master but always wonder,
what is making my master sad?
Maybe I do not know him.
This morning I made extra coffee
for the beloved and covered
the cup with a saucer. Skeleton
I thought, and stay
very still, whatever it was
will soon pass by and be gone.

Sunday, September 17, 2017

We Buried the Cat then Took Her Box and Set Fire to It in the Backyard. Those Fleas that Escaped Earth and Fire Died by the Cold, or: Born One Hundred Thirty-Four Years Ago Today


William Carlos Williams

Among the rain
and lights
I saw the figure 5
in gold
on a red
to gong clangs
siren howls
and wheels rumbling
through the dark city.

Painting by Charles Demuth. As inside baseball as this blog gets.

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