Monday, October 25, 2010

And You Alone in Federal Prison Saying That the Whole State Is Based on Larceny, Christ Who Didn't Know That, Steve?

The central contradiction in this blog's political jibberish is I believe that corporate knows what it's doing, I believe corporate thinks it knows what it's doing but doesn't, believe corporate knows what it wanted but got greedy and fucked up but thinks it can catch its balance, believe corporate knows what it wanted but got greedy and knows all is hopelessly fucked up and is stealing everyfuckingthing down to paperclips while the stealing is good and the parachutes can be readied.

I'm no longer shackled to either/ors: I say all four and and a gazillion other contradictions can all be true by anchor of one constant: corporate always wins.


Jack Spicer

And you alone in Federal prison saying
That the whole State is based on larceny
Christ who didn't know that, Steve?
The word steals from the word, the sound from
    the sound. Even
The very year of your life steals from the last one. So
Do you have to get put in jail for it? Finding
Yourself a martyr for a cause that your and your
    jury and your heartbeat all support. All
This crap about being a human. To tell the
    truth about our State.
                                       So -
You would say -
It is better than going to Europe.


Woke up with this in my head. Be in yours.


  1. A gun shop owner in Tazewll, Virginia? Tazewell?

  2. Tazewell is an old, old family name in VA and elsewhere in the Plantation South, JV.

  3. Dood, are you actually going to move to Tacky Park, or are you just a wannabe?

    Cheers, Charles, I thought about posting in support of your cogent comments in one of those wackaloon anarchy places linked above, but figured you didn't need the juvenile vote.

  4. Please and thanks!

    Jonathan - yes, the name was prescient from the days the town should have been called Lynchwell.

  5. Oh, I live within a mile of the Nuclear Free Zone of the People's Republic of Garrett Park, buy organic veggies and fruit at the hippie farmer's mart next to the railroad. Close enough.

  6. Nuh-uh. The Republic of Floreen is WAY too rich to be as wackarchosyndicalist as Tackypark. Not that I'm tarring you with the "rich" brush, mind. Or the Floreen one. Or the anarchy one. Just the Tackypark one.

    Oh, and I missed this: from you, I get a clip of The Dude? Priceless. Perfectly coherent and cogent and well-contextified. But priceless.

  7. You're welcome, Jack. Glad you're feeling better.

    Well, Lebowski is the one movie I've seen in the past five years. Twice.

    What's interesting about Takoma Park is for being anarchist-vegan central, it produces a disproportionate amount of mainstream Democratic machine tools. Fine metaphors abound.

  8. TakPak = pose, always has been that way in my lifetime. Claim to fame: Nuclear-Free Zone. Peter Franchot.

    The 80s night-time soap opera "thirtysomething" may have taken place in Philadelphia, but it fits TakPak too. Kooky, because of crazy cousin Melissa the photographer!

    Landru -- oi! The juvenilia is awesome. Text-reciting chanters of light!

  9. BUENO! on the Kozelek, BDR.

  10. My dear gentlemen friends, let me remind you that Tacky Park is the residence of your Comptroller, Pierre Franchot. (Oops. Sorry Charles.) And that by the railroad tracks market? Sucks rocks.

  11. Wow. That ten years after link is awesome. Especially the completely ass-backwards comment. WTF was Gore supposed to do, start a civil war? And millions of people in Florida didn't vote for the self-serving jackass Ralph Nader? Whatever, retards.