Friday, October 22, 2010

The Piano Stands There in the Dark Like a Boy with an Orchid

Liszt was born 199 years ago today, meaning if you like Liszt, enjoy the opportunities in the next two years to listen, live and broadcast.

I choose not to think about today's firestorm today except to say NPR must be liberal because they're as motherfucking stupid as motherfucking Democrats, plus there are lessons for us to learn about our inabilities to sign million dollar contracts to be a Villager victim, as well as to note that this is an another example of why we're held in such contempt by zero-sum gamers.

More importantly, thank you very much all of you who've moved your eyes here. I'm sincerely and profoundly flattered. I very much appreciate the Kind.


C.D. Wright

A girl on the stairs listens to her father
Beat up her mother.
Doors bang.
She comes down in her nightgown.

The piano stands there in the dark 
Like a boy with an orchid.

She plays what she can
Then she turns the lamp on.

Her mother's music is spread out
On the floor like brochures.

She hears her father
Running through the leaves.

The last black key
She presses stays down, makes no sound
Someone putting their tongue where their tooth had been.


  1. Taking people to task for calling Juan Williams a lawn jockey is pathetic. That's what he is: an ostensibly "Black" man who serves White Elite interests, gladly. He is Malcolm X's "house negro," who is symbolically rendered today as "lawn jockey".

    The racism-directed bigotry overtones affiliated with "lawn jockey" are specious, and remind me more and more how being a "liberal" or "progressive" Democrat today is mainly about Political Correctness and hewing to an absurd tack. To continue the metaphor, the tack will put the Good Ship Democrat in irons, but it feels so good to the crew and captain to take "I'm superior on race-relations, you cracker!" types of pot-shots that they'll becalm the boat just to feel good about themselves.

    Aside from that: there's still no real substantive, power-use difference between Dems and Repubs at the Fed level, no matter what liberals and progressives think.

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  3. Gah, now I know one difference where typepad is better than blooger - editing comments.

    I think some object to the term because it alienates racists and makes communication across bridges harder. Others because it lowers their sides' discourse to the level of discourse it purports to be better than.

    What's interesting to *me* is that in these days of constant pukestorms it's in the lawn-jockey's interest - and the rightwing pukesters' interest - that the lawn-jockey is called a lawn-jockey.

  4. I'm not sure why it matters that it plays into GOP hands. As I said, there is no substantive difference in policy between Repub and Dem at the Federal level.

    The only difference is in presentation: "articulate Blacks" are used by both, but the Repubs don't emphasize that aB's Blackness, while the Dems make it seem that appointing an aB is evidence of a "post-racist" era. Even Barry O has said his position as POTUS is evidence of "post-racism."

    Triangulation is something well-loved by the Dems. Slick Willie was a master of this; Barry O is further refining Willie's practice.

  5. Also, muchas gracias for the linkage -- as always!

  6. I'm not sure how much it matters, it just fascinates me how *everything* seems played to the right's advantage. Ginny Thomas harasses Anita Hill and it's Anita Hill's fault. It's weird and getting weirder.

  7. The weirdest thing to me about Ari Up dying is finding out that she was Johnny Rotten's stepdaughter.

  8. Yeah, I hear ya BDR... I'm just venting, not really attacking you. I get this obsessive focus on Evil Rethuglicans and Tea Partiers everywhere I look. I tend to comment like this when someone's blog talks about it somewhat directly.

    Food for thought: why do so many self-identified Democrats spend so much intellectual and emotional energy worrying about the potential harms of PEOPLE NOT IN POWER possibly gaining power, when the nefarious acts of those CURRENTLY IN POWER are ignored?

    Looks to me like many, many Dems are played like puppets, examining Tea Partiers with worry.

    The whole thing of Virginia Thomas NOW calling to discuss Clarice's confirmation hearings and Professor Hill (whose claims were specious IMO, but that didn't water the Lawn Jockey nature of Clarice's juris"prudence" (jurisIMprudence))... why does it even matter? Why would/should the "news" media talk about it?