Friday, November 12, 2010

Sixty-Five Today

The new album is great, but over the past couple of years I keep finding Young's post-Rust albums in my CD player, playing on my media player. In that sillyass desert island game, Young wouldn't make the top five (XTC would), might not make the top ten, but top twenty? I wouldn't have said so ten years ago. Now?



  1. I still have to pick this up.

    Offline tech question: what kind of camera do you use? Instead of blaming my inability to snap quality pets-in-motion shots, I'll blame my slow shutter speed.

  2. In my book Young will always be a Rock n Roll God.

  3. All Fleabus photos are by Planet. She uses a Canon digital and her cell phone. I just asked her: she uses standard settings but shoots just before she thinks Fleabus will move and hopes to catch a good image.