Thursday, November 18, 2010

We Have Shapes but No Power

Little Danny Snyder might as well be POTUS. For years he's paid stupid money for overrated and washed-up players (one can't live here and not know what's Redskins). He was General Manager by Beard of Cerrano, and when the clusterfuckery bottomed in zookery, Little Danny Snyder (for PR) fired Little Danny Snyder as General Manager and paid stupid money for an overrated and washed-up CEO (George Macaca Allen's brother) and an overrated and washed-up asshole for asshole's-sake head coach who thinks he's Motherfucking Jesus Patton, who promptly traded for an overrated and washed-up quarterback, benched him, called him a stupid fat nigger, then gave him a $4M apology and contract extension.

Word is Obama's gonna replace Larry Summers with Roger Altman. The motherfucking coaching carousel. If it doesn't matter who's POTUS - and I'm grateful to Obama for grating my fucking face into slaw to teach me once and finally that it doesn't matter who's POTUS - I'm voting for a Palin presidency to grate away whatever giggles I have left.

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  • I actually felt a twinge of sympathy for Kevin Payne for when he tried to negotiate w/PG.
  • Hey, Tiffany Jewelry posted a comment at the old place: You really need to apply it. Don't get lazy and assume that just since you read it, that you may get the maximum results. You can not. You truly need to work on this and in fact go ahead and promise to yourself that you'll do all you'll be able to to obtain the very best out of these consultants that you simply can.Yepper!
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John Ashbery

Telling it so simple, so far away,
as this America, home of the free,
colored ashes smeared on the base
or pedestal that flourishes ways of doubting
to be graceful, wave a slender hand...

We are fleet and persecuting
as hawks or crows.
We suffer for the lies we told, not wanting to
yet cupped in the wristlock of grace,
teenage Borgias or Gonzagas,
gold against gray in bands streaming,
meaning no harm, we never

meant it to, this stream that outpours now
haplessly into the vestibule that awaits.

We have shapes but no power.


  1. Make her go away. Pleeeeeeze! My ears. My ears. That voice.

    My brain hurts.

  2. With each passing day I'm more convinced she's exactly the president this country deserves.

  3. Since Jim actually offers up critiques and solutions to the continued fuckery of the US of A and I simply guffaw at cheap entertainment - one might say I'm the Albert Haynesworth of political commentary - I gotta side with our esteemed host.

    If the sucker's gonna crash n' burn like the Redskins, speed it up already. Bring on the Rex Grossman of pretzeldents!

    Re: old commenting. You think Coach Outlet was Kyle Shananan during a meeting?

  4. If you think she is the president this country deserves, you lost your imagination somewhere along the way.

  5. There's a difference between saying she's the POTUS America needs and the POTUS America deserves.

    Of course, Corporate will decide how The Sarah Palin Decade will play out. She's probably more valuable as UNPOTUS.