Monday, November 1, 2010

The Whole Point Was Getting Rid of Glut for Which I Starved Myself and Lived with the Heat Down and Only Shaved Oh Every Five Days and Used a Blunt Razor for Months So That My Cheek Was Not Only Red but the Hair Was Bent Not Cut

Yes, this was theme song for some month in the past year, but a line from George Carlen's bit posted yesterday (sneakers w/lights) put this song in my head and it's not going away, which is a good thing because it's a great song.

Blaming Obama for my complicity in a system Obama devoutly believes in (and I do OK too) is easy, fun, cynical. If it's true Obama is just a tool following orders or has some autonomy and chooses policies to the right of my stupid expectations or he's a cynical politician reading the poll numbers or he actually believes his bullshit about compromise and reconciliation, all and more could be true and we're all equally fucked and we're all equally responsible.

We like being herded. It's entirely possible we're not coded to be herded and are easily and happily broken to be herded and we are totally coded to like being herded and our shepherds give us constant reinforcements and rewards.

There are few more attractive rewards than getting to play subject object subject object subject object object subject. We can subject object subject object subject object object subject until we're all complicit pedantic fucks competing in whose subject object subject object subject object object subject is awesomest. Maybe  we're not complicitous and pedantic by nature but are trained to be and we are naturally complicitous and pedantic fucks demanding our just recompense for our complicity and pedantic fuckery.

I pretend I don't like that game that much anymore until I'm twitched by jones and it clicks that motherfucking soulsucker one ratchet notch more, that death march to Fuckit I sign up for fully aware I'll never get there, both by intent and design.


    Gerald Stern

    The whole point was getting rid of glut
    for which I starved myself and lived with the heat down
    and only shaved oh every five days and used
    a blunt razor for months so that my cheek
    was not only red but the hair was bent not cut
    for which I then would be ready for the bicycle
    and the broken wrist, for which-oh God-I would be
    ready to climb the steps and fight the boxes
    with only nothing, a pair of shoes, and once
    inside to open the window and let the snow in
    and when the fire was over climb down the icy
    fire escape and drop the last twenty
    feet with notebooks against my chest, bruises
    down one side of my body, fresh blood down the other.


    1. Once upon a time, I learned how to play Fascination St. on the bass.

      Also, thanks for the linkage the other day.

    2. Indeed. Ditto. A good time was had by both!

      Again, thanks for "the Kind".

      And, yes, that herding thing.

    3. Thanks very much to Jack for exposing the roots in such a way that I finally get it. I had been more than a bit troubled by all of this.

      I have enough respect for my fellow humans down here Below the Dog that I won't lie to you--what I think is still not kind. But now that I understand, unkind is almost totally unnecessary. And I'll take it up privately with Mister Almost.