Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The World at Night Was Twitching and Flapping Out from My Congress, and I Gathered It in and Dreamt to My Outnumberment

Since this seems needing to be addressed, here's me on Corporate:
Corporate (I'd change the metonym to Triskelions if I thought enough people got the allusion) doesn't want more or less gov't, it wants gov't to do what the fuck Corporate wants gov't to do which is to enact regulations that protect private property from Democracy and to dismantle regulation that impedes their amassing capital at such a greedy pace the machine would crash of itself and/or spark a revolution. Call the first the GOP, the second the Democratic Party, in either case the motives are the same.
It's not coordinated - the economy may collapse yet, resource wars are sure to erupt between competing triskelions - but Corporate enforces orthodoxy and orthodoxy says power always wins.

I obviously think America is on the road to Serbia, so smart, organized, devious is Corporate. Here's what Corporate guarantees: the ratio of Corporate's power to my power remains constant when it's not growing larger no matter how shitty the state of Corporate becomes - and it's going to get shittier - no matter how much brutal incompetence Corporate employs to enforce it.

Mind, I'm voluntarily barcoded. Corporate is the violence used on Others that makes my fatuous and complicit ass sillier when I complain about filling out a fucking form for five dollar prescriptions, when I sulk when the Bass Ale vendor's kegs go dry at RFK, I am that fucking outraged. I'm not fighting against Corporate, I'm fighting within Corporate rules for the highest level of compromise I can negotiate, just like you and you and you. And who the hell uses sillyass Star Trek allusions anyway?

  • UPDATE! Serendipitously, Lenin's Tomb published Hayekian Progress two hours ago I type this. A corollary of progress being unpredictable, is that it is unplannable. One cannot really master the forces which produce progress, bend them to any design or end goal, only come to understand them a little bit better in order to maximise their potential. It is not incidental that Hayek has used the example of scientific progress to make his case. Hayek's concern with the problems of knowledge is central to his outlook. In arguing against economic planning (see 'The Uses of Knowledge in Society', The American Economic Review, September 1945), he maintained that a "rational economic order" could not be brought about by any single intelligence, because knowledge of the circumstances of which those who would construct such an order must make use is not concentrated but distributed in "bits of incomplete and frequently contradictory knowledge" among "separate individuals". For this reason, the best system is one in which individuals act on their own self-interest, disregarding traditional morality, civic responsibility and so on, responding only to price signals. In doing so, by blindly obeying artificial rules and paying no attention to any greater end, they assure progress. There's a reason Hayek is one of Corporate's gods.
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    Catherine Wagner

    I was at congress with myself to conclude
              should I tax myself, to strengthen my
                   reserves and strictly exercise
                   myself, so I'll haul myself back up
                   if I fall down
              or should I ratchet down the tax, release the lever
                   and run outside and see what's there to do
                   and give myself a job, or blow it
                   on one bamboozle eve extravaganza
    the world at night was twitching and flapping out
         from my congress, and I gathered it in and dreamt
    to my outnumberment


    1. Since corporate always wins, it's time to follow Harry Mudd and create my own world of android servants and then I'll be outside corporate and then I will laugh at you minions of corporate. Now where did I put that Erector set.

    2. I'm keenest on the Hollywood Town Hall era Jayhawks. Which means Mark Olson is a key figure, not just Gary Louris. Louris has too much poppy fluff on his agenda. I swear the song Big Star on Sound of Lies is not the least bit tongue-in-cheek for Louris.

      On leftists stoning women -- I thought Shirley Jackson was fairly leftist in her outlook, and look at The Lottery, bro-heem!

    3. ...Corporate...doesn't want more or less gov't, it wants gov't to do what the fuck Corporate wants gov't to do...

      Good post. It rankles when I hear people bitching about "anti-state" movements. Ooh, yes, who's that? The Dems and Republicans that want to feed the military budget? The banks and businesses that want their sorry asses covered?

      And who the hell uses sillyass Star Trek allusions anyway?

      Question everything!

    4. I'm so sorry! Here you took an entire post to respond, partly to my mockery, and I've ignored you all day because my little corporate universe has consumed all my time without recourse to a few minutes of giggly Internet respite.

      As far as your metaphor, I prefer Triskelions. I do understand your thrust and your alienation through proximity, and you're not wrong. I think that the original label works poorly as a proper noun because it implies some unity of specific purpose and action, at least to me.

      Randal: Well done, but make sure you Spock-proof Norman and shag-proof any fembots you choose to create.

    5. Heh, it was 30% your mockery, 20% answering an question I got by email, 50% an excuse to post the Kirkphallus.

      Thanks and welcome bensix. Kirk's Toupee is great.

    6. "And who the hell uses sillyass Star Trek allusions anyway?"

      If I had a phallus like James T. Kirk I would.


    7. Hey Sailor, winter yet?

      Please say hi to Old Salty for me!

    8. They have the Intertoobz in New Engerlund? Who knew?