Saturday, December 4, 2010


MLS has released the list of players available for "the first MLS re-entry draft (that) provides veterans with the freedom to move to other clubs within the league. The first stage is Wednesday, the second the following week. Players available are primarily those who did not have the option on their contract exercised and hope to retain that salary in 2011. The 2010 finish determined the selection order, with D.C. United picking first. High-profile players are intriguing but most come with a substantial price tag." The list is mostly garbage (here's Fullback doing to work I don't want to), but look! there's Dema!

I, um, actually wouldn't want Dema back even if United didn't already have 72 mediocre holding midfielders, but Dema's expiration date is approaching and I may never get another chance to trot out this gag ever again.


  1. If Mr. Wint HAD been Dema, the bombe would've fucking worked.

  2. My favorite bit ever, especially now that I'm positive I'll never get to Pat Carroll again. Too bad Wade Barrett wasn't on that list.

    Watch the clip again and focus on how the director was able to fully capture the full range of Jill St John's acting ability, especially the EEE! after Mr Kidd lit the shishkabobs.