Wednesday, December 15, 2010

It Is Natural to Choose the Giant Rectal Thermometer Over the Twisted Human Form, but Is There Something Cowardly in That Comic Swerve?

The trouble with proselytizing your apostasy is that you bore the people who already had theirs and annoy the fuck out of people who haven't yet theirs.

How many screenplays, plays, novels about Wikileaks and Julian Assange are being written as of now? Will be abandoned next week? How many minds has he changed, how many minds has he hardened?

I'm not saying Assange is an agent provocateur, I'm saying Corporate was ready for the inevitable Assange and had a clumsy but effective canned response. I'm not saying Assange doesn't make a important difference - last night I got into a screaming match with an old mentor who told me to go live in a refrigerator box, I'm such a motherfucking rebel, which is of course what I accuse myself of daily. The trouble with proselytizing your apostasy is that you bore the people who already had theirs and annoy the fuck out of people who haven't yet theirs.


Lucia Perillo

The zoologists who came from Germany
wore bicycle helmets and protective rubber suits.
So as not to be soiled by substances
that alchemize to produce laughter in the human species:
how does that work biochemically is a question
whose answer I have not found yet. But these are men
whose language requires difficult conjugations under any circumstance:
first, there's the matter of the enema, which ought to come
as no surprise. Because what the news brings us
is often wheelbarrows of dung - suffering,
with photographs. And so long as there is suffering
there should be also baby elephants - especially this messy,
headlamp-lit calling-forth. The problem lies
in deciding which side to side with: it is natural
to choose the giant rectal thermometer
over the twisted human form,
but is there something cowardly in that comic swerve?
Hurry and elephant
to carry the bundle of my pains,
another with shiny clamps and calipers
and the anodyne of laughter. So there, now I've alluded
to my body that grows ever more inert - better not overdo
lest you get scared; the sorrowing world
is way too big. How the zoologists start
is by facing the mirror of her flanks,
that foreboding luscious place where the gray hide
gives way to a zeroing-in of skin as vulnerable as an orchid.
Which is the place to enter, provided you are brave,
brave enough to insert your laser-guided camera
to avoid the two false openings of her "vestibule,"
much like the way of entering death, of giving birth to death,
calling it forth as described in the Tibetan Book.
And are you brave enough to side with laughter
if I face my purplish, raw reflection
and attempt the difficult entry of that chamber where
the seed-pearl of my farce and equally opalescent sorrow
lie waiting?


  1. When Cuccinelli (R) filed suit in March against the federal law - rather than signing on to one filed jointly in Florida by 20 other attorneys general - Democrats said it was an exercise in grandstanding for political gain.

    And it still is, Rosalind.

    P.S. Judge Henry E. Hudson is a major cobag.

  2. Ah, there's the problem, not enough pictures of naked famous people. Everything else is ephemeral. Various segments of society will be incensed about something else in a month or two.

    I've never read Finnegan's Wake either. No particular reason why, I suppose.

  3. Dark, dark, dark post, Dog. A function of it all or you? The times or the man? The season or the psyche?

    I did read FW, once. I took a year off of college to read what wasn't being taught. This was high on my list (as was I most of the time!). One has to think of it as an act of devotion and not necessarily comprehension. I read every single word and traveled thru the book with a guidebook, like a Baedeker. Notwithstanding, it's an indulgence. And most of the time I found myself pursuing my own Liffey, diving down my own rabbit hole, crashing through my own looking glass, falling out of my own wardrobe, etc.

    And yes, the Century of the Self employs the selfsame techniques it decries. I'm shocked, shocked, I tell you, to find out that corp's and gov'ts use PR(opaganda) to tap our instinctual drives for commercial and political purposes!

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