Saturday, December 11, 2010

Nor Did I Feel Myself Drawn Back Through Circulation Into Reference Until I Saw How Blue I Had Become by Virtue of Its Five TVs

Elliott Carter is 102 today and still composing!!

Meanwhile, The World's Shittiest Human teams up with Dana the Clown, King Colby, and The Big Lewinsky to huzzah Mobamafucker and tell you to Sit the fuck down and Shut the fuck up. Get used to it. Ba'al bless Bernie Sanders, who will be ignored or demonized as crazy if necessary. What is triangulation? The exquisite pain of unrequited love. Also, in YWFP, this: Assange is the king brat, but only du jour. He will be displaced soon enough by more ambitious hacks whose delinquent and, worse, sinister inclinations are enabled by technology. Alas, we are at the mercy of giddy, power-hungry nerds operating beyond the burden of responsibility or accountability.  Two, three, many Wilileaks. Ba'all bless Greenwald.  Holder defends baiting angry Muslim teenagers. Unsurprisingly, Richard Nixon made disparaging remarks about Jews, blacks, Italian-Americans and Irish-Americans in a series of extended conversations with top aides and his personal secretary, recorded in the Oval Office 16 months before he resigned as president. This might be the photo of the year. Speaking of which, both immanent exception and Brutal Police Blog. Plus I am the mob. Plus a song! Boys v girls in Blegsylvania. Please go vote for Jim. Who's got her slut on? A librarian's lament. Twinbrook! Wheaton! Whitman High School! Query Mill Road is Darnestown, not North Potomac, fucking mcmansionists, yo. For your Giftmas consideration, Weird Book Room. Have some lit links. What did Joseph McElroy read this year? (It's been a decade since I read McElroy - doh.) What did Alexander Theroux read this year (I still haven't read - it's on my nightstand - Laura Warholic - doh.) Buy a poet bumpersticker? Don't forget counterstream.


Heather McHugh

He came at night to each of us asleep
And trained us in the virtues we most lacked.
Me he admonished to return his stare
Correctly, without fear.  Unless I could,
Unblinking, more and more incline
Toward a deep unblinkingness of his,
He would not let me rest.  Outside
In the dark of the world, at the foot
Of the library steps, there lurked
A Mercury of rust, its cab half-lit.
(Two worldly forms who huddled there
Knew what they meant. I had no business

With the things they knew.  Nor did I feel myself
Drawn back through Circulation into Reference,
Until I saw how blue I had become, by virtue
Of its five TVs, their monitors abuzz with is's



  1. That's a lot of steaming WaPoop!

    I grew up in D.C., but now I sometimes try to avoid even clicking on their website for the same reason I stopped buying the New York Post back in the 90s.

  2. Yeah, it's been (sickeningly) fascinating watching YFWP this week react negatively towards Wikileaks and creamtastically over the tax compromise. Wasf.

  3. Link merci, sir & holy shit, I honestly forget Carter was still shuffling about. None of us will live that long, I'm sure.

    Van, too, tree wikileeks, ha ha ha ha.

    The shot of Charlie & Co. on the print NYT was even more comical. His chick had the look of a teenager about to get axed in a C-grade slasher flick.

    Some of those weird books are fantastic. I hope Mithras gets me some.

  4. Thanks for the linklove yesterday.

    bDr's newest complicity: refusing to acknowledge the "Enter" key.

  5. Thanks for plug, Dog. I'm honored. Hey, and thanks for pointing out Landru's great post yesterday. Glad you got your trip 'round Sugarloaf in; hope it went well. We're about to have some crap weather here for the next few days. It's liable to be heading your way soon.

    Paragraph form: interesting. An experiment or the new way?

  6. Just whatthefucking in honor of Carter's birthday.