Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Open Any Mouth and Out Blows Some Hope in a Binary Data Stream

I'm unpacking still the latest leaks. It doesn't matter if Assange's motives are noble or not, it doesn't matter, as Elric warned, that the fetish for transparency will eventually fuck with you, it doesn't matter there's not a fucking thing in any cable that surprises me or you about American empire, it doesn't matter that Wikileaks strengthens Pig-American devotion to American exceptionalism, it doesn't matter that Corporate will use Wikileaks to speed-up the police state: if it wasn't Assange now it'd be someone else soon. Information is currency: you can't create a game and not expect people to play.

Wikileaks serves at least two purposes: It pisses-off people who hate being pissed-off by littles and it's a reminder to piss-off people who hate being pissed-off by littles. It's pissing-off people who hate being pissed-off by littles that reminds those who hate littles that littles still exist. Payback being hell, of course.

Thought experiment: Assange's tortured corpse turns up face down in the Tidal Basin and Glenn Beck asks Mobamafucker on live national TV, Did you order the wet kill? and Mobamafucker turns to the camera, peaks his eyebrows, and says, Fucking-A.

Sheeyit, Mobamafucker could disembowel Julian Assange at next year's State of the Union, pulling out Assange's heart so Assange could watch it stop beating, and Mobamafucker would still be called weak by Pig-Americans, though that is Mobamafucker's best path to his reelection (and my collecting my pints).



Matthew Zapruder

We have some sad news this morning
from Mars. But I'm thinking about lions. Someone
said something salient and my head became
a light bulb full of power exactly

the shape of my head. Sinister thoughts
at the Xerox machine. A chat with a retired
torturer. Now the sharp blade. Apparently
some solar wind pushed a few specklets of actually

not red but gray Mars dust through the seal
into the vacuum where the very tiny oiled hydraulics
of the light from the distant future collector seized.
What was it my brother said to me once? Like

a vampire bat on a unicorn Change rides
every moment. Houston is full of dead elephants
and empty labs experimenting on silence, open any mouth
and out blows some hope in a binary data stream.


  1. One should always grasp a chance to nelsonmuntz one's social betters.

    As for your scenario, if Obama ate the heart, that would certainly help his reelection chances. Why do you think Indiana Jones beat the Thuggee?

  2. Scott Horton has some good sheet, re: Wikileaks.

    It is amazing what is reported in other countries, versus what our owners allow us to hear from our 'free press'.

    P.S. Thanks for the blogroll, I will return the favor.

  3. Love this picture of Fleabus. Thanks, Planet!