Thursday, December 2, 2010

World Tells White English-Speaking World to Go Fuck Itself

England humiliated as Russia wins 2018 World Cup vote

Football will not be coming home in eight years time, after it emerged England had crashed out in the first round of voting, securing just two votes, and the tournament was instead awarded to Russia.

History made as Qatar gets World Cup

Qatar will become the first Middle Eastern hosts of the World Cup after Sepp Blatter, the Fifa president, announced the 22 executive committee members had voted to award the 2022 tournament to a country of only 1.7m people, beating off the rival bids from the United States, who had been considered the favourites by many, Australia, South Korea and Japan.

Even if these decisions were based solely on FIFA's greed for most money, there are no accidents. And from a United Kingdom of America point of view, these decisions being a massive FUCK YOU! is the best case scenario.


  1. Fellow whiteians, now's *our* chance to terrorize the infidel!

    I will admit to being a bit bummed as I'd like to not have to spend 49 quadrillion bucks (163 by the time 2022 rolls around) to see a World Cup game in the flesh.

  2. On a related note - I am going to be sick of the sound of the phonemes mashed together to produce "cutter,' on the lips of pasty pasted sportscasters, I dunno, by Friday...

  3. Yeah, going to WC94 at RFK was a hoot. I'd have gone. Still, I'm trying to remain hopeful we'll *have* a 2022, with or without a WC.

    Jack, Hilltop has a branch campus in Doha. Listening to people try to pronounce Qatar so that it *doesn't* rhyme with guitar is part of my job.

  4. I wonder how many players will collapse and die of heat stroke in Qatar. Should make for an exciting tournament.

  5. I agree with your post in every particular.

    And what Jack said.