Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Your Vesper Curfew Gnaws

I get email!
---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: <>
Date: Tue, Dec 21, 2010 at 8:52 AM
Subject: Montgomery County online ticket payment confirmation

Thank you for using the Montgomery County online ticket payment.
Date: 12/21/2010
Time: 8:52 AM
Reference Number: 90228686
Amount Paid: 40.00
Type of Payment: Selected Items
Method: Visa
Credit Card: ********4306
Registration: MD007XE
Document Number: MCxxx
Document Type: Ticket
I responded!
From: Black Dogred <>
Date: Tue, Dec 21, 2010 at 12:30 PM
Subject: Re: Montgomery County online ticket payment confirmation

Bite me.
I got immediate feedback!
From: Mail Delivery Subsystem <>
Date: Tue, Dec 21, 2010 at 12:30 PM
Subject: Delivery Status Notification (Failure)

Delivery to the following recipient failed permanently.
Brave me. Wait! There's more!

Out of curiousity I went to the website on the ticket to view the incriminating images, and the first gateway is Lockheed-Martin. Funny that. (I can send you the link if you want; I'm not posting that live link - even a broken with an X live link - here.)

I have a plastic gallon jar full of coins, mostly quarters:

I've been daydreaming about buying an iPad. Now I'll feel guilty about it (but not for too long) when I do. (UPDATE! Oh well, Apple sucks anyway. Mac and Apple fans are retarded, so what do you expect.)

Below is our maple tree the day before the county cut it down. We were told they'd mill the stump and replace the tree two years ago. Stump's still there.

That's a facile way to make an obvious point, but I've always liked the photo below and wanted to see what it looked like on the new blog.


  • Landru's been fired just before Giftmas!
  • Seismic shift: In August, I wrote a piece for the Guardian's pre-season supplement in which I speculated that, after the World Cup and Internazionale's success in the Champions League, we may be about to witness a return to reactive football. Since when we've seen probably the most attacking Premier League in living memory, which goes to show two things: first, never believe anything anybody writes when trying to predict the future of football; and second, the World Cup is no longer a bellwether.That, perhaps, has been the most shocking aspect of the year; the realisation of just how far int'l football lags behind club football.
  • Twelve books for 2010. I'm going to try War with the Newts.

      • Good thing I've access to a university library's stacks. 
      • On the fucking hipster.
      • Important to whom? And I've said it a hundred times: the problem isn't Ashbery, it's the thousands of Ashbery imitators.
      • UPDATE! Pull out the pin!
      • I've heard only two songs off the upcoming PJ Harvey and it's love. 
      • UPDATE! Stereogum's 50 most downloaded songs in 2010.
      • This is true: after going to WFMU yesterday to stream some Beefheart, I stayed on after the tribute when the DJ went into her death metal regular programming (and I remembered why I stopped listening to WFMU - all the death metal - which I don't dislike, I've just never got). I had stepped away for a meeting, but when I came back there was a death metal song that I thought great by a band called Agalloch, whose 2010 album is Randal's #2 album of the year. Hey, what's with the vocals in death metal? Is it a federal law that all vocals on death metal have to sound like that the guy who does voice for Westwood One radio? 

      • Thanks! I like that one better of the two growls. I like them both better than any Arcade Motherfucking Fire song I've ever heard. 
      • UPDATE! Lotsa Opath!
      • Rick Nielsen is 66 (66?) today:


      Lisa Ross Spaar

      Apocalyptic knucklebone,
            black-letter font
      so antique among the modern things,

      you cause the room to flinch
            at my intrusion,
      quaver in corners, trill

      in mortised triplets the crowded
            heavy boots,
      sodden mat, stiff thicket of broom.

      Your ceremonial frequencies
            abrade what I might choose
      to forget, lonely scrape of a chair

      under fluorescent morgue-light
            of winter kitchen,
      wince as the soul divides.

      Hasp of flesh, sear fact
            through which your trespass,
      your vesper curfew gnaws.


      1. I have paid out over $200 to those devil cameras this year. Each one different.

      2. That was my first - it was the motherfucking temporary one's the put up on school days on Cedar near Stone Ridge. Earthgirl on the other hand is financing new furniture for Lockheed-Martin's CEO's office.

      3. Death metal growl, a la wiki (it's not a completely laughable entry):

        Want to hear it done best?


      4. Suggest a song, please, and I'll see if I can find a youtube of it to post.

        It is a sign of something that I've developed a mild curiosity to learn a bit more. Like I said, I never disliked or liked Death Metal, it just wasn't where my head took me.

        And look at the sentence the English major wrote:

        That was my first - it was the motherfucking temporary one's the put up on school days on Cedar near Stone Ridge.

        Jeebusfuck. I keep forgetting that I can't go in and edit comments in blooger. If I could it would read:

        That was my first ticket - it was the one of those motherfucking temporary cameras the county puts up school days on Cedar Lane across from Stone Ridge Catholic School.

      5. I prefer the cameras over the live cops, keeps your insurance premiums down.

        But I don't speed anyway...

        and Lockheed-Martin is evil for providing web technology? Howzat?

      6. BTW - after reading about the cause of your feelings of guilt, I am even more proud than I was before about all of the Apple products that I own (including 2 iPads).

      7. Lockheed-Martin, heh.

        Link thanks, sir. Let me second Jack, Opeth's Akerfeldt is the finest purveyor of harsh vocals around, plus he can sing cleanly quite well. That said, easily understandable why folks would go "why do they ruin a perfectly serviceable tune with all that awful singing?"

        66 and still getting his kicks.

        Re: Ashbery. Simply a top ten list in swankier threads to seem Important®. As you said, don't blame the artist for the shittiness of his/her acolytes.

      8. Opeth suggestions: Blackwater Park, Advent or April Ethereal would be good starting points.

      9. To your credit, your major was in 20th Century English. That's obsolete.

        What Elric said. No points, fines only, and yes, you were speeding. Furthermore: someone was going to get the contract. It happens that the Deathstar bought the company that developed the technology.

        No, I don't have anything particular against the Deathstar. Why do you ask?

        Elric, beloved: personal favor, please try to be more smug when you tell me how you like the taste of Steve Jobs' dong. I just wasn't feeling it on that one.

      10. Steve Jobs isn't my type, my ass (and throat) belongs to Steve Ballmer. Nice OS, though...

      11. Opeth, clean:

        Opeth, death growl:

        some long songs, so you have to have a few minutes to taste the fullness, or something...

      12. No points, fines only, and yes, you were speeding.

        I was only speeding according to them.

        My "favorite" camera is the one on Rockville Pike in Germantown (Frederick Rd actually out there) where for no reason whatsoever, the 45mph speed limit (which is true for 10's of miles on either side) drops to 30mph. It can only be interpreted as a speed trap to generate revenue.

      13. Well, I *was* speeding (while brainfarting - I knew the camera was there but was indulging the daydreaming), so I was guilty AND they can go fuck themselves.

        Yes, it's for revenue, not traffic control. Probably causes more accidents too as people who know where the cameras are speed up to them, slam on brakes, then speed as soon as out of range.

      14. Get an Android tablet. Better.

      15. I got one leaving RFK (lot 7) on the six lane Benning Road. It's about 500 yards after getting on Benning on the way to 295. 30mph there but goes up right after it. Funny that. Wonder how much DC makes from each DCU game.

      16. Elric, are you going to be at Oakton on Saturday or are you going to your in-laws in Snowlandia? If you're going to be at Oakton, could you bring one of the iPads so I can monkey with it?

        I've probably spent a sum total of two hours on a mac in my lifetime.

      17. Adding, bring your android tablet if you got one, mdp, too, please.

      18. Thanks for the look. Amazed no votes yet. But then again, I don't either.

        WaPo confirms invasion of crackers to DC. I keep thinking I am homesick until I go back down there. It was sad enough when 14th and U became Georgetown but now it's Tysons II? At least, that is what it felt like.

        Anyways, happy labor break for Jesus.