Tuesday, January 4, 2011

I Thought I Was a Five-Part Someone Who Had to Decipher the Air in Things Before Navigating Them and Each Error Was Necessary

Bernard (The Good) Sumner is 55 today. There is still always a New Order song in my head, but that song has been in my head for three months. Whenever I sit down to write some angry duh about infuriating duh, that New Order song blessedly plays in my head instead.

Kevin Drum writes: But assume that a deal is possible. If it is, I think it's wrong to insist that it will come solely at the expense of the elderly, or that it won't do any good because Social Security will never be off the table anyway. On the first point, it's quite possible to structure a deal that requires nothing more than a very modest slowdown in the the future increase of benefit levels that (a) affects only those with fairly high incomes and (b) phases in over a period of decades. That's hardly Armageddon. On the second point, sure, Republicans will probably go after Social Security forever. But that's not what matters. What matters is that if the program is officially in balance then Republicans no longer have the traction to succeed

What a m therf cking p ofe sio al pro res ive t ol, h  k  ws t a

Dunbar's number. I don't think all is hopeless, I just think this is as good as humans can do. One of the reasons I insistently bleggalgaze is Blegsylvania provides a digital terrarium to observe our s itty spe ies op r t ng (a d, ju t t  b  c ear, if w 're m t ally k nd  'm n t  al k ng a out  ou . .

 K, t is t o:

  • Most anticipated books of 2011? A few look interesting, but none has me omfging, I can't wait.
  • Most anticipated books of 2011? Am I a bad person for having zero interest in DFW's unfinished novel?
  • Most anticipated books of 2011 (English edition)? New Edward St Aubyn!
  • Books Biblioklept hopes to read this year.
  • Top ten books about books.
  • Speaking of reading, Aue's been transferred to Stalingrad by his SS superior for not finding ample scientific/linguistic/racial reasons to liquidate the Caucasian Bergjuden (who are allied with other Caucasian tribes who see the Germans as better than the Russians). The novel is preposterous, gratuitous, and this time through fabulous, in all meanings of that word.
  • I call bullshit that she read 462, I call bigger bullshit if she did.
  • 2010 albums part three. Circle? Something new to check out. Where to start? 
  • UPDATE! Richard kindly emails: Regarding Circle, I have four of their albums. Raunio was the first one I got, and it's kind of proggish metal (no deathly vocals!), and for a while I was under the impression that they were a metal band. But all their albums are different, as Ethan suggests. Andexelt is very krautrocky. Forest and Miljard more folky. I think Raunio and Miljard are my favorites, though I have to admit that I'm getting the latter mixed up with Forest in my memory. Not sure if that helps, but that's what I know. Thanks! I'll investigate. Richard emails because for some reason the comments won't work from his PC - anyone else having this problem send me an email. Don't know that I can do anything about it, but I can try to figure something out. (And while I'm here, if you're Kinding me and me not you, send an email, and as long as you're not a Coach Outlet, I'll reciprocate.) 
  • UPDATE! Is our national nightmare over?
  • KxXP's listener voted Top 90 albums of 2010. Arcade Fucking Fire is of course number one, but numbers two and three I love, so w ere do s  h t le v  a d p  ik  m . .


Fanny Howe

Is knowing the same as owning?
Do I already have it

(Poetic model)
a spiral thumb-print
taped responses
to each event

I thought I was
a five-part someone

who had to decipher the air
in things before navigating them

and each error was necessary


  1. What matters is that if the program is officially in balance then Republicans no longer have the traction to succeed.

    No, K.D., you obtuse dipshit, what matters is as long as you keep caving in to kleptocratic motherfuckers, they don't need any actual reasons to keep running over everybody else.

  2. How dare you leave no mention of Obama's apparent nod to Daley for his CoS replacement?

    Or did you?

  3. I hadn't seen it, but now that I think about it, g dd m M b mf k r....

    Om, saved again

  4. In light of the Gorgon Stare, I was hoping that article was going to tell me that chewing gun is now being deployed by the DoD as a tool against terrorism. Get 'em with Bubbilicious.

    I've never read any Wallace, so I must be Hitler.

  5. What was the name of that place at the at the bottom of Sidling (long before the cut) that was the halfway exchange point for the Republic grandmother?

  6. I can see the Shell station in my head. Don't know what the crossroads is called, but it's about ten miles before Flintstone.

    Back when Scenic 40 was regular 40, it was about there that Elric started throwing up in the car.

  7. Thanks again for the link. Richard's summation of Circle is about right as far as I'm concerned (and am aware; he names some albums I haven't heard), though I would say that Forest is more complicated than just being folky. Another I've heard is Katapult, which is also kind of krautrocky-metal, sort of. The most common reference points for them probably are krautrock, metal, folk, and prog, but they really don't sound anything like that would suggest. Start anywhere is my advice. I mean, hell, I've only heard four of their albums at this point, and they've got somewhere around thirty in total.

  8. Yeah, i can picture the screen door falling off the hinges....

  9. A highway rest stop at Sideling Hill on Interstate 68 west of Hancock, Maryland, originally included an Exhibit Center, which opened in 1991. The center included a four-level geological museum and travel information center.

    The Sideling Hill Exhibit Center closed on Aug. 15 , 2009 due to state budget cuts. The closing of the exhibit center saved about $110,000 annually as part of a $280 million budget reduction package. Before its closing, the center served abut 95,000 visitors, annually at a cost of about $1.16 per visitor.

    I can confirm that the exhibit center is closed (but the restrooms are still open, as is a little shack with vending machines). Hey, $110, 000 per year! How many minutes in Afghanistan does that buy us?

    USA! USA! USA!