Monday, January 24, 2011

When the Sun Was Done Muttering, in an Optimistic Way, It Was Time to Leave That There

Perversely, what gives me optimism we might survive as a species is as shitty as we are we haven't killed each other by now:
An Israeli report concerning the country's blockade of the Gaza Strip and a May 2010 raid on a Gaza-bound ship proves Israel is a law-abiding nation, Defense Minister Ehud Barak said on Sunday.
Remember that, how OUTRAGED! you were.... what? .... whoever the motherfucking coach of the Chicago Bears is should be fired this morning? I don't watch a lot of helmetball, but I used to, I know a little about helmetball, and third string quarterback or no, 1:54 left in Packer territory and what the fuck? Also, metaphor.


John Ashbery

You meant more than life to me. I lived through
you not knowing, not knowing I was living.
I learned that you called for me. I came to where
you were living, up a stair. There was no one there.
No one to appreciate me. The legality of it
upset a chair. Many times to celebrate
we were called together and where
we had been there was nothing there,
nothing that is anywhere. We passed obliquely,
leaving no stare. When the sun was done muttering,
in an optimistic way, it was time to leave that there.

Blithely passing in and out of where, blushing shyly
at the tag on the overcoat near the window where
the outside crept away, I put aside the there and now.
Now it was time to stumble anew,
blacking out when time came in the window.
There was not much of it left.
I laughed and put my hands shyly
across your eyes. Can you see now?
Yes I can see I am only in the where
where the blossoming stream takes off, under your window.
Go presently you said. Go from my window.
I am in love with your window I cannot undermine
it, I said.


  1. Oh my god, the Iggymoticons made me make a noise. And then I laughed and laughed. The other night I think I dreamed about his "Ray of Light" cover at Madonna's hall of fame induction, but I don't remember what happened.

    Serendipity--I found the rock & pop bootlegs blog just last night while obsessively searching for David Bowie bootlegs, because apparently 50 hours worth of David Bowie isn't enough for me.

    Thanks for the Jensen link too.

  2. And, what I only just realized, I'm listening to the bootleg I got from there right now.

  3. Wait until Iggy is performing twenty years from now.

    Earthgirl and I only had one major fight and break before marrying. I went on a date during the break, saw Iggy at Hammerjacks in Baltimore. Great show, but the woman complained afterward that Iggy would be so much sexier if he had a hairy back. That was one of the saner things she said that night.

  4. George Allen's sensitive approach to politics is probably going to be even more popular this go around.

    Do not want!

  5. You're right. You don't watch a lot of helmetball. If you did, you'd know Jay Cutler is a pussy whether or not he really has a torn MCL.

  6. Landru, you know he doesn't like that "p" word.

  7. Ehud, laddie, ye sound like Tricky Dick. Yeah, yeah, you're not a crook.


    As to SY, did you catch them on Austin City Limits 2 nights back? With those sludgy-good better-than-Jack-White boys, The Black Keys, preceding.