Friday, January 7, 2011

Which of These/My Clumps Do You Want Me to Be (Say)?

Either Obama's stupid or Obama's following orders or Obama's running for reelection and figures his best strategy is if he can't get everyone to love him better everybody hate him or all of the above:
Smarter conservatives already claim - with some evidence - that the White House and the Democratic Party are pawns of the big banks, or that Big Government and Big Business are in a mutually beneficial corrupt relationship. (Ahem. And who would argue with this?) Picking the JPMorgan Chase exec -- who sat on Fannie Mae's board -- doesn't prove the president loves unfettered free markets, it "proves" that the elites are still enriching themselves at the expense of everyone else.
The Mobamafucker and the motherfucking Democrats are going to flanked on the left by the Right on demagoguing Wall Street, which is either stupid or flowing orders or Obama's best chance for reelection or all of the above.

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce and the AFL-CIO -- two powerful players that are often at each other's throats -- are considering teaming up for a campaign against the House GOP's planned cuts to infrastructure spending, spokespeople for both groups tell me.

The two groups rarely agree on anything, and frequently target each other in the harshest of terms, but one thing they agree on is that they don't want the House GOP to make good on its threat to subject highway and mass-transit programs to budget cuts. GOP leaders announced earlier this week that such cuts could not be taken off the table in the quest to slice up to $100 billion in spending.
Who's more Fredo in a rowboat, the CoC or the AFL-CIO?

Gah, political duh, though those pint bets that Obama is reelected still stand, yo.


Catherine Wagner

Things mean, and I can’t tell them not to.
Things       they moralize, to meet
my expectation, because I want advice
on how to live. The seaweed says:

This is a river; I am river-weed.
Which of these/my clumps do you want me to be (say)?

The closest one. That more animated brown one
rolls and unrolls its lengths of hair
and makes me feel unwell.
You quieter green clump, why don’t you speak. 

A most beautiful bright blue bird
knifed down the stream
and veered left at the oak,
where the stream bends. A
male bird. He says: I am the
excellent wanderer 
flashing above
the stream,
a blue muscle that centers past
and future

a blue muscle roping future in
as past behind me cedes

blue muscle flying future into past

blue muscle flashes future

instantaneous wingbeat pasts.

Under the bird, forest and water. Above 
the bird, forest and cloud.

The twig trails in the water.
Twig-end disappears, twig resurrects
in reflection and continues down,
leads back to the tree, the undertree
that lives on the top of the water.
If I penetrate (look beneath) the water, the twig end
dangles and the forest

The bird was a flying fist

It smashed up nothing

I pursued it round the corner,
a blue punch

my violence goes on out along the stream.


  1. Since I'm wrong 103% of the time in predictioneering, no clue on whether the pretzeldent gets a sequel. I just hope plenty of loons get air time. At least be entertaining while everything burns.

    Sure, the Goldfinger's justly famous, but I can see a case made for this one.

    Guess the DoD better cook up some new dogs ponies to slaughter.

  2. I believe loons getting lots of air time is the crux of Obama's reelection strategy.

  3. Shirley, Steve King of Idaho will swing the election for Preznit Mooselini through the power of his intellect alone (hidden for far too long from the average Amurkin Patriot)?

  4. I'm sure Steve King would feel right at home in Idaho, but unfortunately he's from my home state of Iowa. Yes, parts of Iowa resemble Idaho, politically speaking, while other parts resemble Massachusetts. The Massachusetts parts wait patiently for Steve to tap dance in an airport restroom with the wrong man, in the tradition of his Idaho brethren.

  5. Quite possibly the most difficult decision I can imagine would be being given one swing of an aluminum baseball bat and having to choose between Steve King and Peter King.

  6. Doh! I do tend to mix up Steve King's home state. He's like brown acid that way.

  7. Freshmen at Hilltop who early think they want to work for Corporate have to pass a test called Map, in which they need to be able to identify every country - every country - and on a map and name the capital.

    Linking asshat Republican representatives not only to their state but their district is almost as wtf.

  8. Stupid-ass WaPoop deleted my Pastor Sanctimonious comment. (Left about 7:50ish PM...and really, no more abusive than all my other ones ;)

  9. I had to talk to an overseas customer service rep, once upon a time, and they were going to send me stuff in the mail. It arrived very late, true story, probably because it was addressed to Peter Rabbits, Ohio, instead of Cedar Rapids, Iowa. The only thing saving the mailing was the zip code.

  10. Peter King, no question. He isn't even a tiny bit entertaining.