Sunday, February 27, 2011

Woke Up with This Set in My Head


  1. Yeah Polly!

    This was in my noggin:

    and I agree with the comment about Stranglers "No More Heroes." Elastica were experts at the retreading of tires.

  2. The only Elastica I have is on cassette which is a problem times two: I haven't played it in years so it would snap IF in fact I had something to play it on.

    Good thing Bromark just gave me an iPod he doesn't need. Thanks, Bromark.

  3. I have the first Elastica CD if you want to borrow it and load it into your iPod.

  4. Sweet! As I type this, we'll see each other 18D 23H 41M (assuming I show up at 25 after as is tradition) and 27S.