Monday, March 21, 2011


Oh my, my kid is an adult.

A testimonial.


  1. Goes fast, time. Happiness, to you and yours.

  2. Transitioning rapidly from best kid evar to perfectly fine grup, which is about all we can ask of grups, yes?

  3. Thanks, Jack. What weirds me out is how it simultaneously feels like she's been here forever and was born yesterday.

    Yes, fine metaphors abound.

    If possible, reserve May 31 for a certain ceremony at DAR.

  4. Cumplean~os feliz!

  5. In Georgia, turning 18 means the kids no longer have to be off the road at midnight. It was really helpful to have a gov't-enforced curfew up till that age. Then, when Wisdomie & Wisdaughter turned 18, curfews became nearly impossible to sustain. Don't know how independent Planet is, don't know how partiful her friends. Hope she's gained some internal self-preservation mechanisms in her 18 years, and no fake ID yet. As parental advice, push the DD concept; designated non-drinkers are truly life savers. Welcome to the world of my biggest worries. Always told my kids that if they were stuck somewhere & no one could drive, I would come to their aid NO QUESTIONS ASKED! They took me up on it, to their everlasting credit. And I was good to my word. Other than that, it's starting to be time to let Planet make her own mistakes. Yeah, that's super hard.


  6. Thanks, All.

    Planet has never been grounded. She has no interest in drinking and/or smoking. My mother has a theory of alternating generations of good kids/bad kids. So far she's right, though I hope she's wrong when Planet has her children.

    Considering what I put my parents through, it is thoroughly unfair what a good kid I have. Yay!

  7. Congratulations and happiness to all responsible parties.

  8. Felicitations, and best wishes to your clan.


  9. Thanks, Ethan. I'm responsible for showing her, by rueful negative example, the consequences of drinking, smoking, and ribald amorality.

    BFF, as you know well, I have always been a rabid supporter of your mother's (and my othermother's) sociological theories.

    And yes, the karma disparity, considering all, is astonishing.

    When I played the vid (you unsurprisingly nailed my reference to the wall with the unerring accuracy of a Denevan neural parasite, as effortlessly as I would expect you to chant "Pignose, pignose, pignose!" if I said "Would I?"), I realized that I conflated TOS 8 ("Miri") with TOS 59 ("And the Children Shall Lead"), which guest-starred the late Melvin Belli as the villain. Hail, hail, fire and snow. Just saying. And suck on that, Star Wars freaks.


  10. Which reminds me, I think I told you we went to the Gleekshow at AEHS on Saturday afternoon before the game, during which the script twice called for a "Would I?"

    Ilse and I did not disappoint.

  11. I hate to change the subject (Happy Planet) but the county of Montgomery in the Republic of Maryland gives money to the Daughters of the American Revolution so that their about-to-be ex-students can be graduated where Marian Anderson was not allowed to sing because she was a negro?

    Get out.

  12. Heh, Star Wars?

    This is true - I have never seen a Star Wars movie.

    This is true - I heard this on WFMU either this morning or yesterday morning.

    Yes, DAR is venue of choice.

  13. Happy Birthday to Planet!

    Hell, 2 1/2 seems impossible enough; 18? Can't imagine; though expect it'll be here tomorrow or next week... I wish you all joy.

    (All I know about DAR, as a venue, is that it's a shitty place to see a Pixies show, or Modest Mouse. Suspect it works ok as graduation locale, history notwithstanding.)

  14. Second, third and fifth all previous well-wishing! I hope at least Planet's seen Star Wars or you're the worstest parent since Babs. Brazilian Star Wars is an acceptable replacement.