Sunday, March 27, 2011

Ningland 2, United 1

Saw the first half, didn't see the second half (forgive me) though (this guy provided updates via txt) believe me when I say I've seen enough United-Ningland games to have seen the second half many times.

Just as I was irresponsible last week with hope let me be almost as equally irresponsible with despair: Either United doesn't have a 10 or Benny doesn't have a plan. ha-HA! There are no either/ors!

Yes refs, yes motherfucking Ningland, dirtiest, cheatingest motherfuckers in MLS, yes injuries and national call-ups: regardless, either Benny doesn't design plays to put his wingers into position with the ball at their feet or the captain and designated 10 can't deliver the ball. ha-HA! Got you again.

How much must Benny dislike Branko - as a player, as a person, who cares - that Benny would bring in Fredsux before Boskovic? (And I didn't see the second half, but I bet you Fredsuxed.) It's entirely possible this is all on Branko - he could be a bad guy in any number of ways, skill, work ethic, wanting to flee the opulent capital of the world's hegemonic power to return to a hellhole in Lower Serbia - but that's...


ONE winter evening, Brian Beutler, 28, a reporter for the online publication Talking Points Memo, sat with his friend and roommate Dave Weigel, 29, a political reporter for Slate and a contributor to MSNBC, at a coffee shop on U Street. Recovering from a cold as snow fell outside, Mr. Beutler spoke about his younger — well, relatively younger — days in the city.

“Everyone’s gotten a little bit older and a little more boring,” Mr. Beutler said, speaking of a wave of Washington bloggers who have come of age together. “Four years ago, we were far less professionalized, and the work was less rigorous and less stressful. So in addition to being younger, we were also a bit less overwhelmed. That all has changed.”

ha-HA!.... Quick, read this and this and this and this and this and this and this and this and this and listen to this and this and this and this and read this and especially listen to this.....

...your Designated Player, your $500K+ Designated Player, and not only does he not start, he doesn't even sub. No one's saying anything:  I hear no euphemisms ("he's nursing a hammie"), no "he's gotta step it up in practice," nothing. I mean, either Boskovic never was as good as thought by Kasper Payne when they signed him or they've so mismanaged him since he got here he's now useless. ha-HA!



Facing a two-goal deficit, Olsen turned to Charlie Davies (no surprise) and Fred (surprise). Later, with the score unchanged, he inserted Santino Quaranta. And with those moves to enhance the attack, Olsen left Branko Boskovic, United’s designated player, on the bench. Ominous.

A guy who started for Montenegro’s national team at Wembley last fall can’t crack United’s lineup. One has to wonder whether he’s in United’s long-term plans, but as far as I know, he has a guaranteed contract for the entire 2011 season. Unless I’m unaware of a salary cap loophole, he will remain on United’s account all year, whether or not he remains on the roster.

Next week in Colorado, the - what, when did this happen? - defending MLS Tournament Champions. United will be without both central defenders from opening day, Kitchen on duty with U-20 USMNT and Jakovic out for a dumb red card. I understand Benny's decision to reward the starters of the opening game with starting the second. I'm curious to see who starts - and subs - next week, because a shocking number of players who started and subbed yesterday sucked.


  1. And on top of it all, Branko has done nothing but light up the two reserve games he's played in. Two goals, two assists. I don't get it.

  2. I don't understand the Branko thing either. Lots to speculate about (Chemistry? Benny secretly speaks Serb or Croat or Montenegran or whatever, and understands when Branko calls him a tool? Party Boy is actually beating out Branko at left wing? Benny's so committed to the soulless Ginger that he doesn't want to admit he fucked up by giving the useless fuck the armband?). But beats the crap out of me, too.