Thursday, March 10, 2011

Tusked the Balls-Biting Dog and Gutsed Him Wet

I heard David Broder died and scripted in my head easy if deserved scorn for America's Villagers, who will treat the tool's death as occasion for.... any number of petty, self-pitying, self-aggrandizing and self-justifying reasons, you know them too and don't need me to recite them. Plus someone else got there first, thank Bleegus.

Manning. A friend and I were emailing:
Him: I don't get at all the fetishization of the rules, for one. And the fetishization of contracts is always bizarre to me. And that there is a military jurisdiction outside of our normal rules and laws and set of rights is, in fact, part of the problem.

Me: As for fetishization with the rules, in a world going to hell when rules you live by are revealed as fraudulent, I wouldn't expect anything different. People are weird animals.
The more the lawlessness of the ruling class is revealed the more the ruling class will enforce the rules on their subjects. Beyond Manning's particular case, the majority response that he's getting just what he deserves is another example of the efficacy of the deliberate and continuing routinization of state brutality. The celebration of that brutality by those being trained to expect and accept it reiterates what fucking herd animals humans are.


Les Murray

Us all on sore cement was we.
Not warmed then with glares. Not glutting mush
under that pole the lightning's tied to.
No farrow-shit in milk to make us randy.
Us back in cool god-shit. We ate crisp.
We nosed up good rank in the tunnelled bush.
Us all fuckers then. And Big, huh? Tusked
the balls-biting dog and gutsed him wet.
Us shoved down the soft cement of rivers.
Us snored the earth hollow, filled farrow, grunted.
Never stopped growing. We sloughed, we soughed
and balked no weird till the high ridgebacks was us
with weight-buried hooves. Or bristly, with milk.
Us never knowed like slitting nor hose-biff then.
Nor the terrible sheet-cutting screams up ahead.
The burnt water kicking. This gone-already feeling
here in no place with our heads on upside down.


  1. I dig the WoofMoo creation. I still have stuff from my pledges over a decade ago. Best damned radio station ever, I swear. So many great DJs, such incredible content. That station made life in northern NJ tolerable for me, in the era before streaming radio on the Toobz. In addition to the music, two things stood out for me back then: Alan Watts lecture series, and Joe Frank: Work in Progress.

    A very Joe Frank-ish creation, with music, can be found here:

  2. I'll find something to trademark™³²®©, just you wait!!!

    P.S. What Chomsky said. Can we start flinging our comfortable shoes at Obama now?

  3. CFO: Don't you think Joe Frank and Hugh Laurie as House sound exactly alike? I mean exactly. JM in the AM used to get on my nerves because I'd want to listen in the mornings and couldn't. The feed takes care of that. Favorite show? Greasy Kid Stuff with Hova on Saturday mornings. My kids loved it & so did I! Bringin' 'em up right.

    BDF: Listen, Dog, you've got to warn a body before you go posting Star Trek sacrilege like that. I mean I nearly lost a gobful of tea. Wasn't that Dr. Miguelito Lovelace riding around on Kirk's back? Oh, and sorry to hear about Pastor Sanctimonious. We all need a bete noir. Don't fret; there are multitudes waiting to fill his post. Hey, and thanks for the kind Canetti linkage. It's a toughie.

  4. Hmmm... I never thought of that House/Joe Frank thing before, Jim. As to JM in the AM, my thoughts were like yours, wanted to hear standard FMU music in the AM, so I once asked a DJ (I think it was Bronwyn C, who I used to call and make requests to fairly often) what was up with that, and was told that the sizable Jewish listening group in the transmission range was responsible for big donations to keep FMU afloat. This was in the Upsala College days. Don't know what the gig is like now, I'm only just getting back into music after a long sabbatical.

  5. I'm with Richard, and with you, in that exchange.

    The Are You an Anarchist and History of Science Fiction links both irritate me, heh, for the same reasons: what they privilege, what they don't, the ways they're overly inclusive, the ways they're not inclusive enough.

    I hope I can convince somebody to give me that Bowie book. The pre-editing Diamond Dogs cover picture is awesome to see.

  6. The thing I take away from the SF poster is the little Space Invader, toggling the old 2600 power switch just right so each push of the fire button unleashes two shots. I hope I didn't violate commenting rules.

  7. I believe Obamappeasement is still awaiting its ©, also...A trifle obvious perhaps, but one goes to something something with the whatever one has, not the you name it that one wants (to paraphrase a fine Princeton lad).


  8. Jim, Pastor Sanctimonious is Michael Gerson. Broder has been referred to casually as a tool. Though both *are* zombies.