Tuesday, April 19, 2011

A History of the Martyrs of Love, the Fools of Tyrants, the Tyrants Themselves Weeping

It would forfeit what little remains of my bleggal integrity if I didn't ask you, How's that shithouse of an Eastern Shore?

Rest in Peace, William Donald Schaefer, my favorite politician ever, who I would vote for today. Here's begging Hamster to comment.

Now, because I woke up with this song in my head and was going to post it solo as a second April theme song and not because it has anything to do with William Donald Schaefer:


Tom Sleigh

I had a blueprint
of history
in my headit was a history of the martyrs
of love, the fools
of tyrants, the tyrants
themselves weeping
at the fate of their own soldiersa sentimental blueprint,
lacking depth —
a ruled axis X and Y
whose illusions
were bearable . . .
then unbearable . . .

In that blueprint, I wanted to speak
in a language
utterly other, in words
that mimicked
how one of Homer's warriors
plunges through breastplate
a spear past
breastbone, the spearpoint searching
through the chest
like a ray of light searching
a darkened room
for the soul
unhoused, infantile,
raging —
but my figure of speech,
my "ray of light" —
it was really a spearpoint
piercing the lung
of great-hearted Z
who feels death loosen
his knees, the menos
in his thumos
flying out of himthe fate of his own soul
to confront me
beyond the frame:

no room, no X, no Y, no "ray of light,"
no menos, no thumos, no Zonly sketched-in plane
after plane after plane
cantilevering upward and forever throughout space.


  1. If Trump being the gooper candidate for Preznit pisses off Krauthammer, than I, too, am all for it.

  2. I wouldn't have linked my post today. You are too kind.

  3. It's provocative. And it's about a third rail of American politics. Plus it brings back the chicken/egg debate of religion and state power.

  4. As you well know, it's still a shithouse, and it's just fine. Sad day. Really, really sad day.

  5. Serbia? Why can't we be one of those other fucked-up countries whose team isn't underachieving or crap?