Monday, April 11, 2011

Seed Pod Poof

Oops, sorry. Hit publish again by mistake, moron I am. Have the above and below favorite songs as well the poem at least from the original post, pulled back. If anyone saw it in the three minutes it was up and posts a comment on what the gif was before that post posts, pint analog or digital depending on geography.


Dean Young

Everything is brushed away, off the sleeve,
off the overcoat, huge ensembles of assertions
just jars of buttons spilled, recurring
nightmare of straw on fire, you the scarecrow,
the scare, the crow, totems gone, rubies
flawed, flamingo in hyena's jaws, noble
and lascivious mouth of the gods hovering
then gone, gone the glances, gone moths,
cities of crystal become cities of mud,
centurion and emperor dust, the flower girl,
some of it rises, proof? some of it explodes,
vein in the brain, seed pod poof, maybe
something will grow, another predicament
of bittersweet, dreamfluff milkweed,
declarations of aerosols, vows just sprays
of spit fast evaporate, all of it pulverized
as it hits the seawall, all of it falling snow
on water, flash of flying fish, breach and blow
and sinking, far below creatures of luminous jelly
constellated and darting and baiting each other
like last thoughts before sleep, last neural
sparks coalescing as a face in the dark,
who was she? never enough time to know.


  1. Maybe your computer is taking over your blog...have you considered this possibility?

  2. Keep this up, and you're gonna break the internets.