Wednesday, April 27, 2011

United 2, Ningland 3

That's Branko Boskovic, who after striking a free kick that hit a post, a free kick that required a great save, scoring two wonderful goals, and personally leading a remarkable comeback by United, was deliberately crippled, no doubt on orders from Ningland's coach Steve Nicol. During the game I said to this guy, Jesusfuck, Nicol is a filthy bastard, but I wouldn't mind if he was my coach. I hereby withdraw that statement. Fuck Steve Nicol and his fucking soccer team, the dirtiest motherfuckers, year in and year out, in a dirty MLS.

Our coach? This, um, is the second game this year they were unprepared to play.

Our coach? The defense can't clear a ball, gives up a one-on-four goal on rebounds?

Our coach? The competition is between Nodax and Simms, not Nodax and Boskovic. If Boskovic isn't crippled and doesn't start Friday night in Houston, I'm prepared to proceed beyond mild griping about our coach (though no doubt, if he doesn't start, the injury will be cited even if it's not the cause).

O! The obligatory SoccerPlex stanchion and sunset photo:

United might not have played in Germantown again this year even if they had won - the next game USOC game would have been in Kansas City, and if they'd won that and got another USOC home game this year it may or not have been at RFK. Still, any game in Germantown is a special event. Where the fuck was everybody?


  1. Couple of years ago there were always rumors Nicol was up for a low-tier Premiership job or a Championship job, but no more. Fucker.

  2. So you're saying they cheat as much as the Dallas Cowboys?

    I'm regifting this (I'm sure Randal won't mind).