Sunday, May 29, 2011

Baby Food, Tractors, Rat Poisoning

I root for Fucking Madrid to lose to any fucking Italian team to lose to Chelsea to lose to Manchester United to lose to (once upon a time) Liverpool to lose to Bayern Munich to lose to Arsenal to lose to Barca to lose to very soon City to lose to anybody else, and holyfuck, did Manchester United look like old yellow British teeth next to Barcelona's fabulous smile.

Hey! Did you know Washington DC has a professional soccer team?

It's true! and they're playing this afternoon at motherfucking five o'clock, though it's not their fault this time since the game is in Portland Oregon.

Hey, advice sought! Three weeks from now I'm flying to England with Earthgirl and Planet and three of Planet's friends. Before you begin wagering on whether this will be the best ten days or worse ten days of my life tell me, what do I need to do to set up rental cell-phoning in England, what's the best, most reliable vis a vis $$$ (reliability trumps) cell phone option. Any suggestions welcome.


James Tate

There's a fortune to be made in just about everything 
in this country, somebody's father had to invent 
everything--baby food, tractors, rat poisoning. 
My family's obviously done nothing since the beginning 
of time. They invented poverty and bad taste
and getting by and taking it from the boss. 
O my mother goes around chewing her nails and 
spitting them in a jar: You shouldn't be ashamed 
of yourself she says, think of your family. 
My family I say what have they ever done but 
paint by numbers the most absurd and disgusting scenes 
of plastic squalor and human degradation.
Well then think of your great great etc. Uncle 
Patrick Henry.


  1. Kirk scoffs at Biden's cop buddy.

    The Man U midfield didn't have its best game, snicker. The question now is, was 2010 a blip for Barcelona on the way to reprising 50s Madrid or no.

  2. Where was Berbatov?

    Man, Barca just controlled the ball and made short, sharp, sweet passes. Man U tried to exploit holes and explode, but there weren't any. When a long pass is a toss up at best, why try? I thought the Brits just ran out of steam after about 12 minutes; if they could've played with that much intensity for 90, it might've been a different tale.

  3. re-cell phone rentals, if your current carrier is AT&T or T-Mobile, you shouldn't have to rent them. You will need to contact your carrier to make sure you have an international plan in place and that your phone works on the right frequencies.

    If you need to rent (or buy cheaply) a cell phone, I used STA travel's program a few years ago. I don't remember it being a hassle, but it's been awhile and my brain is foggy.