Saturday, June 18, 2011

Didn't See Enough of Iceland to Decide If That's Where I'll Be an Ex-Pat

My intent was certainly not to make this the first post from Britain - I've been in the country a little over three hours (I was in Iceland for 45 minutes!), I haven't been sound asleep in over 28 hours, in fact I had just commented there would be nothing here until tomorrow - but stupidly I click the YFWP link and see this:

President Barack Obama decided he could continue the air war in Libya without congressional approval despite rulings to the contrary from Justice Department and Pentagon lawyers, according to published reports.

One issue was reported to be whether firing missiles from drones amounted to hostilities.

Think about that sentence, how many ways it sums up what a motherfucker Obama is, what a pussy. Recall how we'd have screamed ourselves happy righteousgasms five years ago by substituting the words George Bush for Barack Obama.

Motherfucking gasm-addicts swapping rooby gasms.

Nap, dinner, wander, sleep early, get up, avoid the motherfucking Washington Post.


  1. From Digby

    Either way, I think we can finally put to rest the argument about President Obama's principled unwillingness to use the power of the Executive branch to get his way on policy. This proves he's more than willing to use it when he wants to.

    Stay tuned for the "Grand Compromise", aka cutting Social Security. (File under future dispatches from Bush's 3rd Term.)

  2. Invade Dronelandia!

    A mere LeBron Hour in Iceland? Some cultural attache you are. Enjoy the page 3 girls.

  3. A little bangers 'n mash'll set you right, mate. Oh, and a pint (x 2-3)!

  4. Are there any soccer riots? BDR missed Vancouver's, and he was headed in the wrong direction, to skate.