Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Fifty-Eight Today

High Holy Day. Above is this blog's Theme Song 2, and David Thomas' Pere Ubu is permanently in my Desert Island Two while the other one rotates among many.

Rhythm King.
We Have the Technology.
Breath. (Yes, the 106th time.)
Why Go It Alone?
This has to be on of my four most air-guitared songs ever.

Three songs from St Arkansas.
Two more songs from St Arkansas. The second, Phone Home Jonah please.


  1. A couple of friends back in my collage daze were big on Pere Ubu, but I didn't get it back then.

  2. Hope it works for you now. I've read countless musicians praise and love them (I'm not a musician) - but more people don't than do. Knew this would be a blog-killer. Oh well.

  3. Here's to an enjoyable sojourn, if you don't post between now and your departure.

  4. Thanks. It will be fun once we're there. I will be surly until I'm there.

    I seem to be incapable of not posting. The number of posts exploring this phenomenon I've written and then spared you are legion.

  5. Richard comments via email:

    Thanks for the David Thomas tip... I'll have to
    try to check out the you tube clips at home, though I have a hard time
    (tech-wise) with them.

    Also, how about that spaced out "Surfer Girl/Stand By Your Man" sort of
    medley/lecture from the live Meadville album?


    Next year, Two Pale Boys included in birthday post.

  6. Desert island two? Pants on fire. There is always a New Order song in your head.

  7. Heh! and holyfuck, that was once true and is sometimes true but not always true anymore, and I hadn't noticed it until now. I'll not dwell much (and not here).

    But, taking the bait, I'd say that all New Order albums are half great, half filler, and I've never heard filler on a Pere Ubu album.

  8. What's it like, having your own devoted fan club that remembers every fucking word you've ever published?

    Fucking awesome, I'm guessing. But I'm probably biased.