Saturday, June 4, 2011

Gax 0, United 0

Stayed up to see the red kits (fuck the red kits) and watched until Wolff gacked a Najar cross around 25, went to bed convinced the scoreline would hold at 0-0.

Everything I've read suggests it was (for reasons logistical, practical, and self-preservational) the correct, if horribly disloyal, decision. Blah game. Selfishly, I'm glad. Apparently Wolff gacked another chance in the second half, as did Davies. The backline threw a shutout, which is a positive even if Gax was without Donovan.

And if I'd been offered four points out of road games in Portland and Los Angeles before United got on the plane west, I'd have snapped them in a second.

Also, Buzzard Point? Fuck me jig.

UPDATE! Here's Fullback's quick observations on last night's game.

Also, I realize I wrongly assume that everyone understands my allusions and bits even if they've only got here seconds ago or been here for years, so to clarify the Fuck Me Jig: so certain am I that United will not get a stadium in DC (or within any of the immediately adjacent jurisdictions) that in a pathetic attempt at reverse god-taunting four or five years ago at one or two blogs ago I promised to do a Fuck Me Jig in front of my seat in a new stadium, a Fuck Me Jig that will be videoed and uploaded to youtoob and posted on this shitty blog.

I would be delighted to do a Fuck Me Jig in a new Buzzard Point stadium.


  1. Totally agreed, though I'd add that Gax is seriously loaded even without Landy Shortycakes. We stayed up, but you probably made the better decision.

    Oh, and? Omar=Mancrush.

  2. Given the tenor your previous posts, it's inconceivable this team could come away with a result in LA. Inconceivable.

    Thanks for yesterday's link, too.

  3. Why do you hate Buzzard Point?

  4. I have nothing against Buzzard Point. I'd be delighted if United built a stadium there. The fuck me jig is because I don't think it will happen, there or anywhere else in DC.

    If and when I first walk into a new United stadium in the District (not Baltimore) I will do a fuck me jig.