Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Its Hollow Spaces Seem Solids of Light Until It Wobbles and Begins to Whine

Either at this juncture of late-capitalist economics there's literally nothing any action by humans can do to alter the world economy's crash - it's Obama can't not won't - or he's been told to speed up the liquidation - Mitt Romney is equal in the polls? Like those free dinners at 1789, Obama?

Death to the Either/Or! Corporate knows how fucked up the clusterfuck is, and even if Obama knew how to fix it and had the political capital to fix it so your kids aren't blood farming in 2030, he wouldn't.


Howard Nemerov

This admirable gadget, when it is
Wound on a string and spun with steady force,
Maintains its balance on most any smooth
Surface, pleasantly humming as it goes.
It is whirled not on a constant course, but still
Stands in unshivering integrity
For quite some time, meaning nothing perhaps
But being something agreeable to watch,
A silver nearly silence gleaning a still-
ness out of speed, composing unity
From spin, so that its hollow spaces seem
Solids of light, until it wobbles and
Begins to whine, and then with an odd lunge
Eccentric and reckless, it skids away
And drops dead into its own skeleton.


  1. Foley was reported with glee. Weiner is reported with disbelief and regret.

  2. Most joyless, soulless soccer in the world? MLS fold? Badoomboom.

    Well, off to trademark Blood Farmer for my hardcore outfit.

  3. Yes, that's my sense of it too. Since I was one of the gleeful then I couldn't make a fair and dispassionate comparison.

    I've neither disbelief or regret re: Weiner, the DICK! as you rightly call him. It *is* depressing watching it play out, on left and right, exactly as one could predict.

    As for the media, I sense their reaction is one disbelief that Weiner would risk his political ambitions and promising future (Foley was a nobody in comparison) for sexting. For people who fetishize power, they show an amazing density as to its properties.

    Bradley got his start in MLS. Just saying.

  4. Foley didn't help his own case - writing the law which could have been used to criminalize his actions. It was too vulgar, too cliche closet case for the corporati to stay out of the hunt.

    Here's the thing - I think if Weiner survives this week and the next, politically, he survives the whole affair.

    He's already laid his head at the feet of Billy Bubba and he's an important ally of a lobby which shall not be named. He represents a district gerrymandered to produce a particular sort of candidate, and faces little to no organized resistance. NY-9 hasn't elected a Republican since 1921. This is Ferraro and Schumer's old stomping ground. It has produced exactly four Republicans since 1865, and the first two were Civil War era Republicans.

    Weiner will be neutered (I couldn't help myself) for a bit, and he can give up on being NYC's mayor in the short run, but a censure might be all he faces. After all, his scandal is good for the Obama Administration. Completely ignoring the already imperialistic War Powers Act, whuh?

  5. The Weiner problem is that it feeds the age-old electoral dichotomy cliche: the Pwogs are the moral, upstanding, gun-totin' CHRISTIAN folks whom you should elect b/c and only b/c of their character (forget Foley, Vitter, Ensign, etc., that's not the narrative), while the Dims are evil, either Jewish or gay, perverts. That, of course, is the Pwog argument: don't pay att'n to policy or the fact that we're gonna' throw grandma under the bus so our healthcare industrialists and insurance co and BIG OIL buddies can get rich. When you come down to a choice b/w "I" and "thou" in a one-on-one encounter, "I" always wins.

  6. The Mark Foley scandal was more juicy because it threatened to reveal the Page Program as the young fleshtoy gambit it is.

    Tony Weiner's just a dick who thinks his dick is Star Quality simply because he's Tony Weiner, US Congressman. In a detached mode I'd say that's ludicrous for him to think so, but then I remember: Monica Lewinsky.

    Feminists everywhere should wonder what makes women and girls respond positively to behavior like Weiner's, rather than blaming Weiner for objectivizing women. He wouldn't do it if he didn't get a response.

    My Q: Why did that wife of his marry him? Obviously he's an insecure little putz who has to secretly show his schwantz in a "sext" to feel all Manly. Doesn't speak highly of her, does it?

  7. Oh,swell Karl. We're supposed to focus on the women and give Weiner a pass? What a load of crap.

    And dragging his perfectly decent wife into it is disgusting.

  8. Well, those Twitter sluts shouldn't have been wearing such short, tight dresses.

  9. Oh, fuck, I got beaten to the joke by my wife. Again.