Thursday, June 30, 2011

Motors Roaring Through the Afternoon Like a Cat Fuck Yowling

UK Trip, United blogging, constant bleggalgazing, reckless apocalypticism, even I can't take credit for the halving of Blegsylvanian yupyupping these Blog Days of Summer, the deadest ten weeks of Stringtown, the deadest I can remember.

Fuck it, blogtalk! I write to final draft at GAH! and then c/p it to BLCKDGRD. I publish as I go at GAH! so if I accidentally delete everything (which I've done three too many times) I have the published blog to help me recreate the post; also, if I accidentally hit Publish Post instead of Save As Draft (done four too many times) before I want to publish at BLCKDGRD I've no way to pull back the feeds. I am a roobyhoor.

A good friend of the blog wrote to welcome me home from Britain, and in the email chain she mentioned the Noxzema Bottle Blue (NBB) background with white type hurts her eyes. Perhaps she will comment please if her existence is called into question. NBB isn't going anywhere; it's my favorite color, but blogfriend isn't the first to dislike dark backgrounds and since GAH! is default black type on off-white and it's the very same post, GAH! if you like better.


Tom Sleigh


Over by the cemetery next to the CP
you could see them in wild catmint going crazy:
I watched them roll and wriggle, paw it, lick it,
chew it, leap about, pink tongues stuck out, drooling.

Cats in the tanks’ squat shadows lounging.
Or sleeping curled up under gun turrets.
Hundreds of them sniffing or licking
long hind legs stuck in the air,

great six-toed brutes fixing you with a feral,
slit-eyed stare . . . everywhere ears twitching,
twitching as the armor plate expanding
in the heat gave off piercing little pings.

Cat invasion of the mind. Cat tribes
running wild. And one big pregnant
female comes racing through weeds to pounce
between the paws of a marble dog

crouching on a grave and sharpens
her claws against his beard of moss
before she goes all silky, luxuriously
squirming right under the dog’s jaws,

and rolls over to expose her swollen belly.
Picture her with gold hoop earrings
and punked-out nose ring like the cat goddess Bast,
bronze kittens at her feet, the crowd drinking wildly,

women lifting up their skirts as she floats down
the Nile, a sistrum jangling in her paw.
Then come back out of it and sniff
her ointments, Lady of Flame, Eye of Ra.


Through the yard the tanks come gunning,
charioteers laughing, goggles smeared with dust
and sun, scattering the toms slinking
along the blast wall holding back the waves

from washing away white crosses on the graves,
the motors roaring through the afternoon
like a cat fuck yowling on and on.
The gun turrets revolving in the cats’ eyes

swivel and shine, steel treads clanking,
sending the cats flying in an exodus
through brown brittle grass, the stalks
barely rippling as they pass.


After the last car bomb killed three soldiers
the Army Web site labelled them “martyrs.”
Four civilians killed at checkpoints. Three on the airport road.
A young woman blown up by a grenade.

Facts and more facts . . . until the dead ones
climb up out of the graves, gashes on faces
or faces blown away like sandblasted stone
that in the boarded-up museums’

fractured English “leaves the onlooker
riddled and shaken, nothing but a pathetic gaping . . .”
And then I remember the ancient archers
frozen between reverence and necessity—

who stare down the enemy, barbarians,
as it’s told, who nailed sacred cats to their shields,
knowing their foes outraged in their piety
would throw down their bows and wail like kittens.


  1. Being the internet, that is of course not the only impressive singing penis.


  2. I light white on blue. Miss Word Perfect when all word processing was white on blue.

  3. i like the colors . . . but ive always wanted to ask: is that a picture of a mormon temple right above mocomofo?

  4. Yes, that's the Mormon Temple in Silver Spring, about two miles from my house.

  5. Is there a place to vote on whether or not we like GAH! as the alternate blog name?

    Just asking...

  6. That is the Mormon Temple that inspired the famous "Surrender Dorothy" graffito painted on in smoke-like letters on an underpass as you approach the Temple. (After many years of painting it out, it finally stayed painted out -- sadness for those of us who fondly remember.)

    Ahhh I found an old picture.

  7. Damn, lots of links in this post, wish someone would pay me by the hour to read them all.

    I used to live in Frederick MD, worked in Germantown. Rockville wasn't a place I spent much of my time in the 70's. Of course I spent as little time as I could in Frederick as well. I do remember the Mormon Temple in Silver Springs.

    Ok...I think I have rambled on enough here today.

  8. Wait..I forgot something.

    I like this color scheme..aren't we voting on it or some shit like that? I think it's easy on the eyes and I got some fucking old eyes.

  9. No voting. This is the main blog and this is its color. Since I write drafts on the other and some people don't like reading white type on dark background I'm just making that blog available, since it already existed, for them.

    Thunder - I Poll Daddied once, years ago, about what you'd like to club The World's Shittiest Human with. One Poll Daddy was enough for me.

  10. The blue is swanky, but you should occasionally switch it to a flashing background, just 'cause.

  11. You should be grateful for all the technical things I don't know how to do.