Sunday, July 17, 2011

Dallas 0, United 0

God, that was a horrible soccer game. I'm gonna let this guy do most of the work, adding these bullets:

  • Good thing Dallas sucks too.
  • The white road kit only emphasizes how shitty the shitty red kit is.
  • Kitchen's best game at right back, Hamid's best game in goal.
  • Clyde Simms, bless his years of service, is beyond cooked, he's a liability. Those passes from White and McDonald that got intercepted? Most were because Simms can't get to where he needs to be.
  • If United has a kangaroo court, they should be fining Chris Pontius $$$ every time he's in the box with the ball on his right foot that he doesn't shoot. Shoot the fucking ball.
  • Expect all teams to play the same defense - anyone but De Rossario - here on out.
  • It was a shocking reminder to see how thin United is with all the concussed players - Ngwenya? Fred (who will be gone after this Wednesday night's game)? Imagine the trialists and bottom reservists we'll see next Saturday in exhibition v Everton.

Yes, I'd have taken four points before the road trip with glee, yes, the game was played in 150 degree heat index, no, I didn't expect United to break even in possession, but no, I didn't expect them to come out flat. What a shitty game. I expect better this Wednesday night at home v Ningland, the most important three points since the last and until the next.


  1. I was in Dallas in the summer back between Jr. and Sr. years of High School.

    The climate was not all that pleasant...

  2. You know what's comforting? That ESPN can do the Disney storyline narrative introduction usually reserved for "storybook" rivalries and apply it to the Women's World Cup.

  3. Damn, Mr. Red. Those Japanese players are classy and clean as all hell.

  4. I guess I should never type stuff about soccer, BDR. Red card. Not that it was a dirty move or anything. Just a failed challenge.

  5. I'm spamming now. What a truly excellent match. Right down to a great kick save on opening P-kicks, by the Japanese tender.

  6. Hey, sorry, been offline. Quick post up soon.