Thursday, July 21, 2011

United 0, Ningland 1

Ilse can vouch - one minute before Ningland scored I turned to her and said, "they're going to lose this game."

If Charlie Davies was one-tenth as good as he thinks he is he'd be starting for Barca. Who didn't expect him to gack the PK? He can't create his own shot, he has no imagination or skills with the ball on his feet, his only asset is his speed and the motherfucker won't run. Wait - throw yourself to the ground, you diving motherfucker.

And bless Clyde Simms for his years of service, he's worse than cooked, he's a liability, defensively, offensively. Good back pass, Clyde! PLEASE put Kitchen in holding mid and let him get seasoned. United's a mediocre team in a mediocre league - if and when they're good again Simms will be gone and Kitchen a fixture - give him the minutes at holding mid now, figure something out for right back.


  1. As disturbed as you are, & rightly so, they're *still* tied for the final playoff spot (now that's disturbing). Viva American Crapitude.

  2. Go team! Beat that other team!

    Sorry, that's all I got. That, and pictures of bees.

  3. like Charlie Davies?

    Sorry. This morning, I'm a Master of the Obvious.