Friday, August 5, 2011

The Eternal Inflection of Moments and the Infinity of Mathematics Chase Me Across this World Where I Undergo Every Civil Success, Respected by Strange Childhood and Abnormally Large Affections

I thought Wednesday afternoon about quick-posting about Obama's nomination of an ultra-cracker lawyer to be a U.S. attorney in Utah, then thought no (because yawn) and no (because I've these sillyass self-prescribing codes of blogging, and bleggalfuck me), but remembered the above story when I read this:

Mr. Obama and his chief of staff, William M. Daley, have been urging Mr. Geithner to stay, administration officials say, not only for continuity when the economy has weakened and to avoid an all-but-certain confirmation fight in the Senate over a successor, but also because Mr. Obama has developed a close rapport with Mr. Geithner...

I've said this before but here is my dream scenario: it's April 1, 2012, John Roberts has just been applesauced by a bus. Who does Obama nominate to replace him?

The remaining Obama faithful I know still play the SCOTUS card on me. They say going into the 2008 election I was saying SCOTUS is the most important reason for voting for Obama, and true that. If they say Sotomayor and Kagan are representative acts of Obama's true heart and I now say they were free squares on a BINGO card that cost Obama no capital, that doesn't deny that Obama made two choices to the left of anyone John McCain presumably would have chosen by the American political spectrum metrics I held as true in 2008. I've moved the goalposts, not Obama or Obama's faithful. Fair enough.

Wouldn't it be wonderful, in an election year America with Obama's political survival at stake in an America seven months shittier and seven months angrier and seven months crazier than today, to make that motherfucker make that choice?

For the record, I say he nominates Zombie Roberts.

Daily Gaddis:

In the fragment of sky which the buildings permitted above him flags were being lowered. For the full day they had floated, as much as the rain would allow, heraldic devices of marvelous power, far more impressive than a fiery cross or the six balls of the Medici. A great bell signaled a telephone company which was omnipotent. Three strokes of white lightening on a blue ground hailed an electric company which controlled the allegiances of an office force equal to the medieval duchy on Mantua. The whole scene was lit by electricity, escaping statically in incandescent bulbs and, in splendidly colored fluidity adding a not of metaphysical (Bergsonian) hilarity to the air or well-curbed excitement, in tubes of glass cleverly contorted to spell out cacophonous syllables of words from a coined language, and names spawned in the estaminets of Antwerp. Any natural light which fell in from the sky, pale in impotence, was charitably neglected; but that sky, as has been noted, was a safe distance away.

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Arthur Rimbaud

Translated by John Ashbery

In childhood, certain skies focused my seeing: all characters modulated my features. Phenomena were set in motion. -- Now, the eternal inflection of moments and the infinity of mathematics chase me across this world where I undergo every civil success, respected by strange childhood and abnormally large affections. -- I dream of a War of righteousness or force, whose logic will be quite unexpected.
     It's as simple as a musical phrase.


  1. *snicker*

    Thirty four and one half hours to kickoff. I have self-stopped all other meaningful thought, but that doesn't mean I can't be entertained by schadenfreude, however insubstantial and petty. Geez, I'm a dick.

  2. All the authorities did was patch up a predatory banking system with duct tape and bailing wire and hoped enough cheerleading would restore confidence. And after the banks got their bailout money, the mood seemed to be “we spent so much on them, we don’t have anything left for anyone else.”

    Or maybe, "that's who we're going to get the crapload of cash we need for the next presidential election, and therefore we don't care about anyone else."

  3. Who do I have to kill around here to get on the Atrocity Prevention Board?

  4. He nominates Hillary Clinton. No question.

    Also. Dumping Biden for HRC? No chance in hell. Biden does all the stuff he can't do including negotiate and say "fuck."

  5. Holyfuck, now I *really* hope Roberts gets hit by a bus next April, not so much because I think she'd be a liberal judge (she wouldn't be) but because in an election year the nomination process would be an entertaining circus.

    I can see a situation where Obama is 20 points down and moves Biden to State (and HRC is leaving after first term, Obama reelected or not) and moves HRC to VPOTUS. If he thinks he needs to, he would.

  6. Hell I hope Roberts gets hit by a bus just because he's a fucking demon from hell.

    Better yet, he's crossing the street with Scalia, Alito, and Thomas at the time.

  7. sorta naive to imagine The Nine are divided into good or bad categories based on party affiliation

    and "sorta" is me being kind

  8. Sure, that's the point of the post, though the court does break down on GOP/DEM lines re: social issues. I recognize the social issues are used as diversions while the real work of Corporate gets taken care of in SCOTUS as elsewhere.

    Still, that's why I want Obama to have to make the choice. There really can't be any tiny chance at any resistance to the current kabuki until the wee-left realizes there are no leftists in Corporate. It'd be more dramatic if Obama nominated a Zombie Roberts rather than a Stevens (who would serve Corporate interests, just not with as much brazen assholosity): imagine the wailing and gnashing. And it really would be a precedent-setting fuck you to the left, with all that implies.

    And forgive me: I know the league is everything regardless of which franchise wins, but I still like watching the season.

  9. I know the league is everything regardless of which franchise wins, but I still like watching the season.

    yeah I know how that works! it's a pretty big part of the landscape back there, even for non-tribalists. even if you hang around people who don't work in govt or politics, the ubiquity of political banter, the inescapable politicizatiom of the merest things... it's just how things are. aside fom my love of open space & mtns, the political nature of even the mundane in DC is a big reason why I left.

    Hilary Rodham on the SCOTUS seems inevitable in some ways, to me. she's as pigheaded and egomaniacal as Papist Tony.

  10. 5 - 4, the Supreme Court decided that $1 = 1 vote in the Citizens United case.

    And it isn't hard to figure out which party consistently tries to prevent people from voting.

  11. you don't know this subject area, step off.

  12. citizens united didn't change a fucking thing, you idiot

  13. shut your moronic piehole, ass-thunder fartman:

  14. Citizens United may or (probably) not have changed the ultimate outcome, but someday it might be looked on as the watershed moment when Corporate decided it needn't fake this Democracy bullshit any longer.