Thursday, September 15, 2011

Always More Dark Houses, Hushed and Abandoned.

Maryland's head coach, who has to be one of the five? ten? highest paid State of Maryland employees, tweeted that black shit is what the Terps will wear against West Virginia this weekend, and I can't go on this way, I may or not post a photo of what terrific to horrific clown suit Maryland wears week-to-week, but I can't waste energy debating the aesthetics of each combination of Maryland uniforms (and debating my debating my aesthetic reaction to each combination of Maryland uniforms) as long as United hasn't eliminated their stupid-ass red third kit. Or rather, of course the fuck I could, but, despite fine metaphors abounding ...

Plus busy, work and real life - I haven't mentioned this and won't beyond this post and won't go into the back-story now, but my mother-in-law has moved north from Florida, and I've some mother-in-law duties to attend to amongst many errands, so songs, links, poems, maybe for a day or three and - Yay Me! - just in time.


Charles Simic

The obvious is difficult
To prove. Many prefer
The hidden. I did, too.
I listened to the trees.

They had a secret
Which they were about to
Make known to me--
And then didn't.

Summer came. Each tree
On my street had its own
Scheherazade. My nights
Were a part of their wild

Storytelling. We were
Entering dark houses,
Always more dark houses,
Hushed and abandoned.

There was someone with eyes closed
On the upper floors.
The fear of it, and the wonder,
Kept me sleepless.

The truth is bald and cold,
Said the woman
Who always wore white.
She didn't leave her room.

The sun pointed to one or two
Things that had survived
The long night intact.
The simplest things,

Difficult in their obviousness.
They made no noise.
It was the kind of day
People described as "perfect."

Gods disguising themselves
As black hairpins, a hand-mirror,
A comb with a tooth missing?
No! That wasn't it.

Just things as they are,
Unblinking, lying mute
In that bright light--
And the trees waiting for the night.


  1. View Photo Gallery —  The U.S. national debt has climbed to a stunning $14.3 trillion. Who are our biggest creditors, according to recent data from the U.S. Treasury?

    By Zachary A. Goldfarb, Published: September 14

    Funny how both the Republicans and the Washington Post discovered the national debt in January of 2009. Anyone care to guess when they'll both forget all about it again?

  2. Not to go snarky on you, but it will be the same day that Democrats rediscover Guantanamo and the dangers of over-reaching Executive power.

  3. Touche, Dog.

    Those aren't the words to White Room: "in the white room/with black curtains/at the station"

    apres moi, le weiner

  4. I'd feel much better about the inexorably unstoppable & unblockable inevitability of everything going to grade A shit if the Browns weren't also of the same material.

    How many alternates does UM have? Money, 'tis a gas.