Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Catfish Is the Whisker Lurking Behind the Bobbing Cork

I know that only the loyalist most trusted rubes and apparatchiks gain entry to major party POTUS primary debates, but what if Obama blinked his left eye seven times like a door knock and said a magic word in a turgid speech and sleeper pwoggles, asleep as bonafide mouthbreathing crackers, got the signal and are agents provocateurs, how (so-so) cool would that be?

How cool would it be if Hamster was a secret sleeper agent who has inside access to motherfucking Led Teonsis and I could wake Hamster (and we're seeing Bonny Prince Billy this coming Sunday, in case you were wondering what music is coming here soon if not next) and order him to slap motherfucking Led Teonsis, whose teams (and I dearly love people who love his stupid-ass ice-soccer team) can never win another fucking game not soon enough, with a three-day dead catfish, but Hamster isn't, though he does send this song and this song and this:


Robert Lewis Weeks

Panther lies next to Wharncliffe
and Wharncliffe next to Devon
and Devon next to Delorme.
In each a single fisherman casts
in the slow, black water of the Big Sandy.
Catfish is the whisker lurking
behind the bobbing cork.
He lives, it seems, in dense night
from day to day until the fisherman
from Wharncliffe pulls him out
to be fried in tin-roof, tarpaper shacks
from there to Matewan.

Politicians call this valley
a depressed area.
But, under the sun, my heart
will not have it so.
Straight up from the brackish water,
up the mountainside, green pointed trees
as close as bird's wings
grow fierce and clean,
and then for miles beside the tracks
the river moves faster over the rocks
and the water isn't black at all--
only the silt underneath.
The water over the rocks
is running clear and cold and pure.


  1. two minute thirty second or less great songs solicited.

    Most everything by the Ramones.

  2. Style aside (having a decided preference for thick power chords), I think that's one reason why pop has never been a sizable chunk of my listening habits; I dig an eight-minute track.

    Is 2012 still considered The Most Important Election Of Your Lifetime, your meaning me, by which I mean us, but not "they?"

  3. I'm convinced the 2:30 or less power pop song is one of the major reasons I dig Guided by Voices (and most Pollard songs) so much. And this shitty blog's Official Theme Song is just two minutes.

    I once dug The Ramones, still note their influence, but they (and/or I) haven't aged well for me.

    POTUS 12 is the most important, vital, and potentially paradigm-shifting election of our lifetime since the last one until the next one.

  4. So, I've not spent much time with GBV. I really enjoy Bee Thousand, and have listened to it recently with pleasure, but I didn't really like Alien Lanes upon its release, and so haven't listen to it in probably 15 years, and so, also, didn't follow them at all, after. If I were to sample, say, two albums of theirs, other than the two I mention, what should they be?

    Regarding the pop song, and length, I love a short pop song. But I also love an 8, 9, 10, or more minute exploration of whatever.

  5. I love them all, including the two you mentioned, but to pick two more, Propeller and Do the Collapse.

    I'll dig them out and burn some and you'll have them as soon as we have lunch....

  6. I broke the internet again. Here, let's try this:

    Help you Ann:
    Phonefreak Honey
    Safety Net
    Dot Dash
    Always the Same
    It's About Time
    She May Call You Up Tonight
    Tourist Information
    The King of Carrot Flowers
    I Got a Girl
    Straight Shooter
    Mars Red Rust

  7. 1. Oh, fuck you. I'm tired and I'm out in America.

    2. I'll leave you to list Will Chang's anarcho-syndicalist (or nihilist cheesewhiner, or whatever the fuck you self-label as these days) credentials in support of your contention that a professional soccer team in the DC area should ever win another game. And in concession to the obvious, I'll argue that Ted Leonsis--who is rich and fat--never fired Jon Miller.

    3. I'm all about realistic stuff like GGW advocating making Rockville Pike walking space punctuated by Marc Elrich's giant speedy buses. Fucking nannystate duckfucking treehumping Communist County Council assholes.

    4. Huh? You're Bjork? Look, you're in the best shape of your life, and you're damn fine, but seriously, I can tell the difference.