Friday, September 2, 2011

A Rainbow Coalition of Coition Ejaculates a Colorblind Wine Jelly of Jism and Every Radical Ism

He did it to make Republicans look petty, said L. If that's true, I said, even if I agree with the strategy (and I thought it an excellent strategy back when I rooted for this team), he made himself look smaller and pettier. I mean, did Corporate secretly transfer all competent PR professionals out of the White House? You think he'll lose now, said D. It's true, said K, you still harbored the thought he played multi-dimensional chess. I thought he was a gameplayer, I said, I thought he'd  be more progressive than he is, and that's on me, but I was convinced he was a good enough gameplayer to win whatever ism he pursued, and the irony is, if his ism is a fanatical fetishization of a wussy mythical middle in a time when competent PR professions can jolt us out of cozy with a chryon in a beep, the motherfucker's succeeded.


Frederick Seidel

I’m not on your side, whichever side you’re on.
My enthusiasm for Nasser is long gone.
Hail, Hosni Mubarak, and farewell!
There’s the old dictator dolt
On TV, a contraption of dyed hair and hair gel.
Angels in revolt
Fill Tahrir Square. The angel Gabriel blows his horn
To announce to the reborn, You’ve been born!
And Koranically commands, Recite!
Here are the things that are right!
Day after day of secular celebration turns into night.
Not too many people are killed.
People are thrilled.

I’m your fat King Farouk,
Quacking poetry till I puke.
I’m president and premier and sultan and emir –
Prime minister and Sadat –
And oh my God he’s been shot!
I do nothing but think about you, dear.
I think about you a lot.
I revere
The crypto-philo-Semite, Anwar Sadat,
And what he did, and in consequence the death he got.
The third president of Egypt agreed to put up with Israel.
He slithered through the Arabs like an eel.
It did not go down well.

The West oinked for oil and said please.
The Western nations hung out backstage like groupies.
They barked to be fed, like a seal.
They stole anything they could steal.
Anwar Sadat screwed the light bulb of love into the socket
Out loud in the dark in the middle of the night.
Floaters swim by in my eye in the light.
Darling, don’t doubt me, don’t knock it.
I fold a linen handkerchief to make three points
To fountain whitely towards you from my breast pocket.
Point 1. My cornea detaches.
Point 2. I have galloping myopia.
Point 3. My cataracts won’t let me look at you.

It’s lenticular astigmatism.
It’s macular degeneration.
A rainbow coalition of coition ejaculates
A colourblind wine jelly of jism
And every radical ism.
White Europeans conceived these wretched Arab states,
Now fictively becoming democrats.
The breeze blows the blue of the sea
Inland from Tripoli.
Meet me in Tahrir Square.
Righty-o, I’ll meet you there.
Your Nile-green eyes gaze up at me from the pillow.
Baby, you’re my crocodile Nile. You’re my Cairo.

Tahrir Square is twirling like a dervish, spinning like a top.
In Tahrir Square tear gas canisters pop.
My crocodile angel joins the demonstrators outside her shop.
The tornado funnels into focus from a censored blur.
The military clears a path for her.
Democracy is in the vicinity
Of Nefertiti.
We’ll meet in Tahrir Square.
Every angel has gathered there,
Including my own angel, wings of Isis flapping.
Bandages are unwrapping
The royal mummy, who’s been napping, but opens her charms.
My Egypt angel wraps me in her arms.


  1. Heh. This pic:

  2. All they had to do instead of laborious abducting and mind probing blah blah blah was create another holodeck babe for Cap'n Creep and bingo, dead Klingon.

    Stupid Romulans.

    Only 1 in 25? Huh.

  3. only 1 out of 25 business leaders are psychopaths? that is surprising.

  4. Contract with atrocity.

    "The banality of evil" comes to mind.

  5. Remarkable. That's the next episode in sequence. Not gonna see it until Boy gets back from his weekend at Biodad's, though.

    and that's on me

    It certainly is. Every little bit of it. You and that broad Sassy or Pasha or whatever the fuck she calls herself. I only wish I could remember to go to the bathroom before I read your blog so I could stop peeing myself laughing when I think about the two of you and the first 7-8 months of 2008. Laff riot.

    Not that the present SecState would've been anything like an improvement.