Saturday, October 29, 2011

Railroad Trains Drop Off the Bourgeois’ Pointy Head a Martyr Sticks a Coffeecup Out Under a Firehose Moviestars Make Hyenas Lick Their Spaceship God’s Hand Descends into a Glove Held Steady by the Police

Yesterday afternoon I started getting pinged heavily on the googled words Galvin Cibbs, who I wrote about in this post from March of this year:

For further enflaming anti-American sentiment, for making the war that wins by not winning even more un-winnable - in other words, for advancing Corporate's interests in a significant but sloppy fashion - Staff Sergeant Gibbs will likely spend the rest of his life in the brig (where I hope he's treated humanely, the motherfucker) for violating Corporate's public relations rules. We all serve Corporate on multiple-levels.

A quick google explains why the burst of interest (almost all from Europe, btw, Hungary and Netherlands especially, hardly any from US) after seven months:

10:15 AM UPDATE: Staff Sgt. Galvin Cibbs pleaded not guilty to all of the 16 criminal charges the Army filed against him. Jury selection is underway.

Looking up and down the blogrolls, I see no one else notes the trial, and I wouldn't have remembered Galvin Cibbs, the crimes he's alleged to have committed, my outrage seven months ago, or his trial beginning but for my vain picking through the scat of my stat-counters for seeds for evidence people are reading, so as with every post, proof of my complicity. As for the trial of Galvin Cibbs, though not addressing the case in any particulars, this blog post title captures multiple meanings.


Bill Knott

The CIA and the KGB exchange Christmas cards
A blade snaps in two during an autopsy
The bouquet Bluebeard gave his first date reblooms
Many protest the public stoning of a guitar pick

Railroad trains drop off the bourgeois’ pointy head
A martyr sticks a coffeecup out under a firehose
Moviestars make hyenas lick their spaceship
God’s hand descends into a glove held steady by the police

At their reunion The New Faces recognize each other
A spoiled child sleeps inside a thermometer
A single misprint in a survival manual kills everyone
The peace night makes according to the world comes


  1. Aren't you supposed to be getting arrested or something? Up against the wall, you lazy, complicit motherfucker.

  2. Wish it was seventy and sunny instead of motherfucking February outside to make this more believable, but we're heading down tomorrow noonish since a couple folk said that'd be better for them.

    Which isn't to deny being a lazy complicit motherfucker.

  3. I dig the art, but see, if you all get imprisoned, the only art left is a half-assed spoon drawing in a bowl of gruel.

  4. Love the paintings, but note the absence of humans.