Wednesday, November 9, 2011


Watch the Paterno story the next two weeks - and we're not near full OMFG! yet, this has the potential to be a paradigm-nudging but not paradigm-changing event - as the usual suspects scramble for their usual narratives. Look at me! A pint to the first of you who finds a professional cracker linking Sandusky's behavior to public-urinating Occupiers.

Here's the deal: someone who serviced power's interest profitably and had power's blind eye when surfing power's sewage is to be humiliated and capped as aberration now that he's caught. This particular instance is complicated by helmetball, which is the most apt metaphor for late capitalism America. The World's Second Shittiest Human is outraged as she'd never be at droning Pakistani children or the deliberate impoverishment for profit of US citizens by Vikram Pandit.

Busy, no time to read last night, so this is it. Regular programming resumes tomorrow, or not. The green and the Kirk are gone with next post (though I like the green, you?). Let it not be said I don't honor my bets.


  1. Oriontastic!

    At least Joepaw didn't do anything as heinous as Reggie Bush.

  2. I think I saw a movie once in which Kevin Bacon's character pee'd in the locker room shower.

  3. Yeah, the vicious punishment of having to retire at 84 at the end of the season.