Monday, November 14, 2011

The Minor Adjustments in Our Equations Still Indicate the Universe Is Insane

I still can't read novels. I haven't finished anything I'd started before I last bitched about not reading, I've started other books (yes, yours) that I can't finish either. I am listening to music better than I ever have in my life, and while there's obvious truth that I'm trying to impress you (if you have a blog you know what I mean) with late and contemporary whatever you want to call it music, I cannot get enough of it.

Yay me! Since I can't read and I think I'm thinking like the above, it must mean something. Also, there are two things I want to write about here but can only write about there. You only think I bleggalgaze here. Also, thanks to N from Bethesda for the blankets. I was talking Saturday with Charlie at Freedom Plaza, they could use coffee, big canisters of Folgers not whole bean from Starbucks, paper plates and cups and plastic cutlery, I'll be taking some down this coming Sunday (before picking up Planet at BWI, yay me!), if you want to help, let me know.


Dean Young

Avoid adjectives of scale.
Dandelion broth instead of duck soup.
Don’t even think you’ve seen a meadow, ever.
The minor adjustments in our equations
still indicate the universe is insane,
when it laughs a silk dress comes out its mouth
but we never put it on. Put it on.
Cry often and while asleep.
If it’s raw, forge it in fire.
That’s not a mountain, that’s crumble.
If it’s fire, swallow.
The heart of a scarecrow isn’t geometrical.
That’s not a diamond, it’s salt.
That’s not the sky but it’s not your fault.
My dragon may be your neurotoxin.
Your electrocardiogram may be my fortune cookie.
Once an angel has made an annunciation,
it’s impossible to tell him he has the wrong address.
Moonlight has its own befuddlements.
The rest of us can wear the wolf mask if we want
or look like reflections wandered off.
Eventually armor, eventually sunk.
You wanted love and expected what?
A parachute? Morphine? A gold sticker star?
The moment you were born—
you have to trust others because you weren’t there.
Ditto death.
The strongest gift I was ever given
was made of twigs.
It didn’t matter which way it broke.


  1. Although I'm tempted as always to flame the War Criminal Post, I can't find fault with Dionne's points there.

  2. We're supposed to impress readers? I wish someone would have told me I've been doing it wrong this whole time.

    I can't wait to read the Wealth-X graphic novel.

  3. Yes, Folgers, because Smuckers and P&G are way less corporatey than Starbucks.


  4. Yeah, and Dixie Cups and plastic forks via Koch Industries.

    Though I think the Folgers request was more because they don't have any Krups electric coffee grinders more than picking and choosing between Corporate overlords.

    Speaking of complicity, later here today.

  5. Yes, I thought it was obvious the Folgers request was a practicality-thing, not anti-Starbucks thing. There is, after all, simply no avoiding corporate overlords of some kind.