Monday, November 21, 2011

The Old Wound in My Ass Has Opened Again, but I Am Past the Prodigies of Youth's Campaigns

Since when does the NYPD investigate Al-Qaeda bomb plots? When it's transparently shameless bullshit in a world run by shameless professional bullshitters:

New York officials said on Sunday police had arrested a man trying to build a pipe bomb with instructions from an al Qaeda magazine which he planned to use against U.S. soldiers returning from Iraq and Afghanistan... The suspect - identified as Jose Pimentel, 27 - was charged with three terrorism-related counts and two other counts, court documents said... Beyond soldiers, his intended targets were allegedly police officers and post offices, Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly said at a joint news conference with New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg and District Attorney Cyrus Vance, the chief prosecutor for Manhattan... Pimentel had been under surveillance since May 2009 and was a "lone wolf" who got instructions on building a pipe bomb from "Inspire" magazine, published by al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula, Kelly said.

Since 2009! Imperative he be arrested yesterday! Thank god for the NYPD for saving us massive terrorist destruction, please note that the police themselves were the target! A pint to the first of you who catches a motherfucking professional cracker-baiter tagging Pimental "The Occupy Terrorist." Fuck me Christ, here's Rose in the kitchen sink showering off the bullshit:


Alan Dugan

The old wound in my ass
has opened up again, but I
am past the prodigies
of youth’s campaigns, and weep
where I used to laugh
in war’s red humors, half
in love with silly-assed pains
and half not feeling them.
I have to sit up with
an indoor unsittable itch
before I go down late
and weeping to the storm-
cellar on a dirty night
and go to bed with the worms.
So pull dirt up over me
and make a family joke
for Old Billy Blue Balls,
the oldest private in the world
with two ass-holes and no
place more to go to for a laugh
except the last one. Say:
The North won the Civil War
without much help from me
although I wear a proof
of the war’s obscenity.


  1. Nice cat video! Mine were fascinated by water as well...but not water that poured on them.

    P.S. I was in CCD class at Blessed Sacrament back in the day. After class, we used to run around the parking lot hitting each other with our CCD books and yelling, "SUPER CHRISTIANS!"

  2. It needs to be updated regularly and to some extent be self-critical or self-reflective.

    FUCK! NOW they tell me.

  3. Don't mind the strangled suppressive noises you may hear coming from my direction, a mere 18 miles from where you sit. Me and mine continue to look forward with great anticipation and joy to seeing you and yours in only 33 hours or so.

  4. Oh, and yes, Rose is as promised. Still not as dumb as the long-missing Jones, but awesome.

  5. Of course curling up in a ball is violent resistance. Doesn't anyone remember Metroid?