Monday, November 28, 2011

Pressed, Printed, Stomped, Tripped; Trapped, Tricked, Packaged, Shipped...

Jeebusfuck, those are United's new clown suits kits for 2012. What the fuck are those red things on the arms of the home blacks, red collars and armpits on the white road shirt, I mean, fuck adidas, and remember, just because there's not a stupidass third red kit shown doesn't mean there won't be a stupidass third red kit next year.

Gah, I'll save you! save me! have another GbV song:


  1. You're adorable. The most important thing here is that they haven't changed the shield. It still says DC United.

    Also: Ilse's going to go batshit about the collars on the road kit. That's another positive, there.

  2. Yes, I am aware of, and honor, all *my* internet traditions.

    Clown suits are an inevitable side-effect of high-def TV, I suppose. Wait until Nike gets the NFL contract next year.

  3. As long as Randy Edsall isn't involved, there's a chance everything will be okay.

  4. Heh, I read Feinstein's call for Edsell to be fired in today's YFWP.

    My next door neighbor, the guy who's a baseball coach at Good Council and whose kid was an offensive lineman there (and who was recruited by Friedgen but took an exceptionally generous full pre-med scholarship at New Hampshire) was telling me the word among Good Council football players and all football players in WCAC is that Edsell is an ASSHOLE OF UNBELIEVABLE DIMENSIONS and that no only will no one go to Maryland if he's coach, the kids who are already there are all going to transfer if they can. (The guy also said word is that Turgeon's an OK guy and will be fine once he gets through this season.)

    Three guesses Edsell's politics...

  5. He wants to turn Terp football players in camo UnderArmor unis loose on McPherson Square.

    My problem with Turgeon is that he's not Dave Dickerson or Jimmy Patsos. I would be equally amenable to any other qualified alum (I don't think Booth is ready yet, and his transition to the womens' game--also at Loyola--suggests he'll be more of a candidate to replace Mrs. Freeze*, when her time comes, than to replace either of the first two-three post-Williams failures).

    *Speaking of assholes of infinite dimension...

    Finally: I forgot to rag on you, within the limits of kind, for whinging about kit that's in our team's primary colors on the biggest DC sports news day since they opened the tomb and found that Joe Gibbs had returned to it.

    Dood. Dale Hunter. This is no more Mister Nice Guy. This is no more bird calls and jazz kazoo, it's blowing up the penguin pinata with an air/fuel bomb instead of hitting it with a hockey stick, it's callously shattering every bone in the body of the enemy player who just scored, simply because he can't be allowed to get away with that.

    I'm sorry, that was all really obscure to you. This is viscera sprayed over the Capitol steps. This is the most awesome effing day since the ascension of Saint Benny, except even better, because we sorta felt sorry for Saint Benny. My limbic system is jangling, baby.

  6. Crap. I forgot. I have a blog. My bad.

  7. The collars are seriously horrid. But more horrid is that red patch on the sleeve with ... ears? Horns? Looks for all the world like a plastic grocery bag.