Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Push Your Face Toward November's Glint of Frost


Devin Johnston

A vacant hour
before the sun—
and with it a valve's 
pneumatic hush,
the deep and nautical
clunk of wood,
chanson du ricochet
of rivet gun,
trowel tap,
and bolt drawnthe moon sets
and water breaks.

Curled within
a warm pleroma,
playing for time,
you finally turn
and push your face
toward November's 
glint of frost,
grains of salt,
weak clarities 
of dawn.


  1. I'll pass on the Kind!

    She has a show this coming Thanksgiving weekend, so she's luckily hit a groove painting, plus the trip to Ohio last month provided both ideas and inspiration.

  2. Eakins on the interstate, on his way to Paducah...