Monday, December 12, 2011

become song—simple, hard: removed

I like this past weekend's posts (and especially the Ammons' poem that gives this post its title): they make me smile, I want to keep them at least one more day above the scroll, above the blegyard, not buried on page two-through-forgotten as if they never existed, but death! to the either/or, I am mailing it in today too. I can't vouch for the rest of week either (though I've a half-finished post and a bunch of links for later today or tomorrow): Wednesday we're *(YAY!)* driving to Bamgier and taking Planet and friends out to dinner, Thursday we're *(YAY!)* driving Planet home, so I'm busy before, during, after, but death! to the either/or, I might mail it in then too, though thinking of it as a loser-leaves-town match between tiresome yodel-strain and tedious echo-sprain makes me smile. That's right: death! to the either/or.


  1. Oh, so I have to think about Christmas shopping?


  2. At this posting rate, smile-inducers are gonna be page three girls. Slow down, Mr. Ambition.

  3. Not ambition (well, yes ambition) as much as mania - end of the semester vibe at work not helping; perhaps you know it? Plus that whole waving tiny angry antenna at The Man thing.