Sunday, December 11, 2011

It’s One Song, an Over-Reach from Which All Possibilities, Like Filaments, Depend

Your mission for the day, from The Guardian's live-blogging the Barca-Madrid game:

25 min: Benzema, to the left of the area, is being shepherded away from goal, but suddenly sends a cracking reverse pass back inside to Ronaldo, who with only Valdes to beat, shanks a hellish effort miles wide right. That should have been a second goal, especially as Di Maria was also unmarked, and in an even better position, just to his right. Ronaldo does a lot of shouting, using the Portuguese words for EFF and CEE.

EFF and CEE? Here, have three more sentences of good:

29 min: Dani Alves cries murder after Marcelo clatters into him. The referee sighs wearily. There's an edge now.

  • Holyfuck.
  • Current Standings: I'd root for Barca to beat England's traditional big four (and City if City didn't have Why Always Me), any Italian side (though I love Fiorentina's violet), and Madrid; there's no team on the planet I'd root for Madrid to beat.
  • Mailing it in again? What's this pen's significance? I don't know! 
  • Irony alert.
  • Graeber interview.
  • Why Occupy?
  • OMFG!
  • The initial thought was to comment on how any profile piece on a Republican wannabe-POTUS in the NYT or YFWP will infuriate predictable people (once and hopefully now much less reflexively me) if it isn't a savaging and it's never been a savaging and will never be a savaging, but what caught my attention is this sentence: “I don’t think George ever forgot that,” said Walter DeVries, a longtime friend and colleague, all praise to Serendipity, yesterday morning before seeing the linked article I was looking for something else, and I found Peter De Vries' Slouching to Kalamazoo, and thought, I haven't thought about Peter De Vries in at least a decade. I think of Thomas Berger when I think of De Vries, though I think of Thomas Berger all the time.
  • The dematerialization of the art object.
  • Reality B.
  • Copland and the Republicans.
  • Obscure Sound's AWESOME Top 50 with lots of glorious sound. I LOVE Destroyer, I have every Destroyer album, I didn't even know about this one, I don't have enough ears, eyes, how the fuck did this happen?
  • Holyfuck.
  • Best Bryan Ferry homage ever:


A.R. Ammons

The song
sparrow puts all his
into one
repeated song:
variations, subtleties
he manages,
to encompass denser
meanings, I’m
too coarse
to catch: it’s
one song, an over-reach
from which
all possibilities,
like filaments,
nesting, dying,
sun or cloud,
figure up
and become
song—simple, hard:


  1. Irony alert.

    Isn't that "Yet another avalanche of hypocrisy alert?"

  2. Multi-responses:

    1) My shitty cable wants me to pay extra to get FSC. Won't. Serendipitously went to new Mex rest. in the 'hood where Barca game was on every large screen viewable from any angle. Wesdom and I politely responded to Wisdoc's every comment, home she is from Paradise, but kept all eyes on screen. Yes, Spanish soccer can be beautiful. Terrific pace, esp. first what? 75. Who needs commentary? Still, great catches on the liveblog.

    2) Confession: What do I need to know re: Berger? I'm ignorant.

    3) Ditto Destroyer. Did they get their name here? Destroyer—even tho' I know you don't.

  3. Berger: Little Big Man, much much better than the movie starring Dustin Hoffman, one of the - at the time I first read it - influential novels I'd ever read. The Reinhart tetrology is terrific, as are most.

    Destroyer: Anything, everything.

  4. Little Big Man book is good. Obscure sounds list is good. Barca soccer is good.
    I don't trust this.

  5. I'm surprised you didn't know about this Destroyer album... it's been very controversial; I know that, yet I've not heard a note.

  6. I was srprised frist! Controversial why?

  7. allegedly for its aesthetic, which I'm led to believe is of the soft-rock variety... Scott at Pretty Goes With Pretty was much put off by it, at any rate