Saturday, December 3, 2011

I’ve Also Been Pardoned Miraculously for Years by the Lava of Chance which Runs Down the World’s Gullies, Silting Us Back

That busted my sour mood, though, also, remember when some UC-Davis cop walked up and down a sitting line of student protesters and peppered-sprayed them and it caused a burp of dramatic pro-Occupy sentiment and created a (we thought) toxic meme as did the University president's perp-walk? Me too! Decades ago.


GROUP A - Poland, Greece, Russia, Czech Republic
GROUP B - Netherlands, Denmark, Germany, Portugal
GROUP C - Spain, Italy, Republic of Ireland, Croatia
GROUP D - Ukraine, Sweden, France, England

Sure, fuck Denmark.

Also, I commented on myself how stupidly evil is the ritual turkey-pardoning POTUS photo-op and SHAZAM! I'm driving around last night, click to WETA to hear what shitty Haydn or Mozart they're playing, and the voice-over actor masquerading as classical DJ says, WETA is also sponsored by George Washington's Mount Vernon, which invites you to a candlelight Christmas - music, party favors, and meet the pardoned Thanksgiving turkey! Jeebusfuck, shoot me, but as always, awed nods of faith towards Serendipity.

Also: watch George Pakled and She Is As Shitty As the World's Shittiest Human try to draw the long knives against Gingrichgasm:


William Meredith

Je vois les effroyables espaces de l’Univers qui m’enferment, et je me trouve attaché à un coin de cette vaste étendue, sans savoir pourquoi je suis plutôt en ce lieu qu’en un autre, ni pourquoi ce peu de temps qui m’est donné à vivre m’est assigné à ce point plutôt qu'à un autre de toute l’éternité qui m’a précédé, et de toute qui me suit.

Pensées sur la religion

The approach of a man’s life out of the past is history, and the approach of time out of the future is mystery. Their meeting is the present, and it is consciousness, the only time life is alive. The endless wonder of this meeting is what causes the mind, in its inward liberty of a frozen morning, to turn back and question and remember. The world is full of places. Why is it that I am here?

—Wendell Berry,
The Long-Legged House

Spared by a car or airplane crash or
cured of malignancy, people look
around with new eyes at a newly
praiseworthy world, blinking eyes like these.

For I’ve been brought back again from the
fine silt, the mud where our atoms lie
down for long naps. And I’ve also been
pardoned miraculously for years
by the lava of chance which runs down
the world’s gullies, silting us back.
Here I am, brought back, set up, not yet
happened away.

                     But it’s not this random
life only, throwing its sensual
astonishments upside down on
the bloody membranes behind my eyeballs,
not just me being here again, old
needer, looking for someone to need,
but you, up from the clay yourself,
as luck would have it, and inching
over the same little segment of earth-
ball, in the same little eon, to
meet in a room, alive in our skins,
and the whole galaxy gaping there
and the centuries whining like gnats—
you, to teach me to see it, to see
it with you, and to offer somebody
uncomprehending, impudent thanks.


  1. We got a souvenir dessicated-poop cast of the turkey's foot for you. Just before I broke that dumbass turkey's fucking neck. Good eatin', baby. Good eatin'. And that I could do it on the very site where old George fucked his slaves rotten? God DAMN, America is great.

  2. Oh, and pimping fucking Philip Glass while simultaneously deriding Haydn and Mozart? Fuck you, you fucking PoMo punk, and don't even think about feigning innocence or pretending you're not shaking that shit at me.

  3. Have this and this today, Koyanisqatsi in full tomorrow!

  4. All moot since everyone pales before Ludwig & Johann, you filthy heathens (though in the interest of full disclosure, I once heard a Glass symphony on WCLV without knowing it was Glass and enjoyed it quite much).

    Ireland got royally jobbed and now fucking England will barely squeeze into the quarters after at least two Novocaine draws but at least they'll then get bombed.

  5. Sure the Democrats are our fiends, and not friends.

    Having said that, did you know I donated to Donna Edwards in 2006, and in 2008? I think she's pretty cool.

    I'm certainly hoping she beats out Mike Miller Jr.'s candidate, Glenn Ivey, in 2012.

  6. A pox on both your houses.