Wednesday, December 14, 2011

You Could Walk the Rest of the Day into the Picture and Not Know Why, at Any Given Moment, You're There

A week ago today, it feels a year ago, I occupied 15th and K for two hours (but left before the arrests started), today I'm driving to Bamgier Ohio to pick up Planet from her elite college to bring her home for Giftmas Break. _____ _ _________, _ _____ ____ - *!____!* - _______ _______ __ __ ________. ____ __  .__ %. + __ -  ___ _ ___ ______. ____, ____________ ________. ____ __ ___ ____, ___, ____ ___ ____ ___ ____. O! and lots of Stephen Merritt projects as promised!


Stanley Plumly

Some nothing afternoon, no one anywhere,
an early autumn stillness in the air,
the kind of empty day you fill by taking in
the full size of the valley and its layers leading
slowly to the Blue Ridge, the quality of country,
if you stand here long enough, you could stay
for, step into, the way a landscape, even on a wall,
pulls you in, one field at a time, pasture and fall
meadow, high above the harvest, perfect
to the tree line, then spirit clouds and intermittent
sunlit smoky rain riding the tops of the mountains,
though you could walk until it’s dark and not reach those rains—
you could walk the rest of the day into the picture
and not know why, at any given moment, you’re there.


  1. Oh, well, as long as the blindness is temporary, though if it could stretch from, say, September through January on Sundays, that would be swanky.

    Re: Revolution 2.0 as Final Conflict. Is this some Roddenberry thing? (shit, that doesn't count as a Star Trek allusion)

    Re: imitation black metal. HA!

  2. Thank you for "Awesome"* Architecture's seat at the table and the two adorable dinner companions on either side. Wind for my sails.

  3. Pints? Here's betting that the downed drone was defective in a strategically designed manner that will send the Persians, Chinese, & Russians down costly blind alleys.

    Any takers?

    Yay, Magnetic Fields & Stephen Merritt.

    Drive careful, my friend. Watch out for those trucks on the Pa Turnpike.