Wednesday, January 4, 2012

The Goat of the Universe Believed What People Told Him About Universes and Came into Existence

Last night, when I was writing about something I won't write about here, the above song was suddenly, loudly, in my head. Furies and Serendipity, yo.

O, Ron Paul. He's yesterday's Occupy, the media-fueled rube's pumice that lets us kayfabe our dirty hands. He's the biggest sideshow ever in American political discourse since the last until the next! Oof! our presumptions have been challenged, we will vote the way we always vote but be more aware we wish there was a third alternative. Who wasn't a homeless schizophrenic sleeping in a city park or a crotchedy old koot who rants about the UN invading Texas and has a documented history of racism*, that is. Ten dreadful months and countless biggest sideshows since and until from now until the start of POTUS16.


Aaron Fogel

If you are a goat, do you believe
What people tell you about
Goats, and eat
Tin cans?
There's no goat that foolish.
Or is there?
The goat of the universe believed
What people told him about universes
And came into existence.
Bang! How naive can you get?
Even the scapegoat is not as naive
As (God help him) the universe that
Agreed to exist.
A word to the wise: Don't eat tin cans.
Don't listen. Don't exist.


  1. Interesting. I have seen no evidence that Ron Paul pisses off the left ... They seem amused.

  2. Also we know that photo is in Rockville because the street sign is blue.

  3. Here and here, for instance.

    I think the professional Left thinks Paul might depress rote voting from Obama's base - I don't think they're concerned he exposes the professional Left as the war-mongering fucks they are.

  4. Wootton Parkway at Wootton High School, bridge over Watt's Branch?

  5. That Wootton is a place I'd never be ...

  6. Pleased by the libcom Graeber link. Much obliged, Mr. Red.

  7. Been wanting to read that Debt book but then I realized it's about economies & such so I should just go play outside.

  8. no, Randal, you should read the Debt book... perhaps outside. It is utterly essential reading.

  9. When looking in the browser's status line while hovering over the clusterfuck link, I thought it said "peak_monkey_arrives". Now that's a link I'd click through.

    Not only is that some pagan-ass goat, it's emblematic of the role Ron Paul serves on the Right: scapegoat. He's batshit crazy: he thinks it's stupid to go to war with Iran over one measly nuke: ergo war-mongering is not crazy.

  10. Nope, not Wootone Parkway. The bridge is too short, and the camera is closer to the school. Although I'll take a good look next time I drive by. It's also possible that the perspective of the photo is extremely skewed, because the geography does sort of line up. Look at that intersection in Google satellite. This is actually mildly fascinating, like being a Republican kerning Obama's birth certificate or something.

    Sasha is right, it has to be Rockville. Let's cheat, because this is killing me. What say you, oh mighty city of Rockville? Donde esta los cameras de speed fixee?

    Not Baltimore Road; not West Montgomery Avenue, the two dumbest speed cams in the entire universe (both are within about 100 yards of an upcoming stoplight); not Twinbrook Parkway in front of the BoE heritage lands (ye olde Broome MS, etc.); not Great Falls Road; most assuredly not Redland Blvd., which you and I knew as Redland Road after we decided to concede that it was no longer Fields Road.

    Hmm. Smells like you have to be right, though like I said, look at the Googleypics. Something not right there. Freaking fascinating, though.