Thursday, January 26, 2012

How a Man, with Such a Belly Could Pose, Smiling, without a Shirt


Denise Duhamel

In the 5th century B.C.
an Indian philosopher
Gautama teaches "All is emptiness"
and "The is no self."
In the 20th century A.D.
Barbie agrees, but wonders how a man,
with such a belly could pose,
smiling, without a shirt.


  1. Really!? Pick up a center back who missed a season with a head injury. If we're planning on playing White in the center, why waste this money?

  2. Either Goff or Fullback said United wanted another CB so they could move McDonald to def mid when Kitchen is away on USMNT U-21 and motherfucking Olympic duty, so I understand the move to acquire another CB. Going out and getting a guy possibly one elbow to the head away from retirement is another issue. I mean, I hope he's the second coming of Ryan Nelsen, but....

  3. YOU may be feeling better, but you ruined my entire morning: showing me a brilliant Television live vid. Now I've got to go to the YouTubes and find all the great TV vids that I've never seen. I mean I'm trying to finish up a personal essay on existential sadness and repickup a novel I left hanging on about page 125 or so about a Viet vet who's just found out he's dying b/c of exposure to Agent Orange and I'm still mourning b/c I lost my closest older cousin who, absolutely coincidentally, died in December of the same—diagnosed more than a year after said novel was conceived. Fuck serendipity.

    Verlaine v. Cobain? Not even close IMNSHO.

    Oh, and great pick of the Roky E thing. I saw that on Soundstage the night it first aired. It was sort of an 'event'.

  4. BTW: your Comment Post clock is now on PST.

  5. YOU may be feeling better, but I started reading this post whilst out pretending to help the patrons and I've been interrupted seven times already.

  6. what does Verlaine have to do with Cobain?

  7. @Richard: For a lot of us older geezers, TV was like a generational figure—poet, guitar-player, tho' never quite a star. Kinda' like a Cobain before Cobain.

  8. No, I know who Verlaine is. I'm slightly younger than you, so he doesn't mean that for me. But the comparison to Cobain seemed gratuitous, esp. since their music is not similar.