Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Offer Your Usual Posy of Goatheads

I still haven't watched a GOP candidate debate (I'm told last night's was missing the Red Meat Glee Club in the audience, so it must really have sucked). I won't watch or listen to Emperor Obama's State of the Union, POTUS 12 edition, tonight, though the predictable keywords he'll use will have you drunk after ten minutes if you're Hi-Bobbing the speech, and the post-SOTU reaction from professional partisans to partisan fan clubs down to shitty bloggers, as we all inhabit precisely-enough the positions we all reflexively adopt, just as predictable. Witness this post.


Amy Beeder

Offer your usual posy of goatheads. Proffer
sharp garlands of thistle & Inca's thin down;
of squash bugs strung on blighted stems; send

back necklaced every reeking pearl I crushed,

each egg cluster that I scraped away with knife
or twig or thumbnail. Wake me sweat-laced
from a dream of hidden stables: the gentle foals

atremble, stem-legged, long-neglected. Dear
drought our summer's corn was overrun again
with weed & cheat; the bitter zinnias fell to bits.

Dear yearlings our harvest is lattice & husk.


  1. And, to no one's surprise, Rmoney paid paid an effective tax rate of 13.9 percent in 2010 on over $20 millon of income.

    But he thinks you should pay 25%.

  2. Good for Thomas. Even and perhaps especially if his motives were exclusively descended from the most curmudgeonly evil.

  3. New SOTU same as the old SOTU, I'd imagine.

    Just once I'd like a sporting figure to publicly decline the WH in order to scoot over to the Smithsonian for a few hours.