Monday, January 30, 2012

This Is Regret: Or a Ferret

So I liked the music (and the headers), anyway. I've always wanted music to play when the blog is accessed, and, in combination with a sudden and liberating inability to write about POTUS 12 and motherfucking Democrats and motherfucking Republicans and motherfucking pwoggles and motherfucking crackers and especially about who can and can't criticize motherfucking Israel in run-up to Uncle attacking Iran, when I discovered the play-automatically function at soundcloud I decided to wtf the weekend here and enjoyed myself thoroughly. There are logistical issues - I do still love most of you, so I'll not detail them here - though auto-music will return occasionally. There were major bleggal issues raised, and while I do still love most of you, I can only promise not to luxuriate on them here on a one-day-at-a-time basis.


Joan Houlihan

This is regret: or a ferret. Snuffling
stunted, a snout full of snow.

As the end of the day shuffles down
the repentant scurry and swarm -

an unstable contrition is born.
Bend down, look into the lair.

Where newborn pieties spark and strike
I will make my peace as a low bulb

burnt into a dent of snow. A cloth to keep me
from seeping. Light crumpled over a hole.

Why does the maker keep me awake?
He must want my oddments, their glow.


  1. A future pint if you ever auto-play a politicking speechifier 'cause that would be comical.

  2. Three things: (a) normally, when I browse, I'm listening to my own playlist; so yours would interfere. No biggie, really. Besides I pretty much enjoy all your tunes.

    Second: Autoplay might, unwarned, unexpectedly and possibly disastrously out goldbricking worker browsers browsing on company time/PCs.

    And lastly, hey! it's your blog, do as you would; it's just that if you decide to institute autoplay for reals, you might consider changing the Comments format so that Comments open in a new window (vid RG's [supra] bleg) so that the autoplaying tune won't cut off when someone wants to drop down and comment and then start up again when the new Comment page opens.

    Oh, and one other thing: who knew DC had a futbal team? Go the VW Uniteds!

  3. Thanks for advice. I'd actually turned the comments off for those posts for that very reason.

    Every few months a new reader will volunteer to bring this bleg up to basic specs and add whistles and bells, cause I sure as hell don't know how to. I've said thanks but no thanks in the past and probably will in the future.

    The basic problem is that while I still enjoy blogging, I'm truly tired of Hey! Look! Obama sucks and motherfucking crackers on multiple levels, hence the weekend vacation. Well, that and a terrific case of the what-the-fucks, which I'm gonna try indulging more often.

    1. Hi BDR, thanks for the kind. (Now I am talking in BDRese. See what you've done? Ha!)